Zaber and Zubair Fabric Ltd., a sister concern of Noman group have successfully concluded its second mill week for the season of Spring-Summer 2019 at their corporate office Gulshan from April 2-8, 2018. Last year they arranged it for the first time in Bangladesh textile and apparel history for Autumn-Winter season.

Mill week is a practice of global brands and retailers for selecting seasonal and special products from different suppliers. In Bangladesh Zaber and Zubair adopt this concept from supplier side to showcase their own designed fabric and garment to the buyers. The mill has opted to enhance its brand image across the world fashion market. In first mill week, they received huge feedback from the customer for their existing collections and received a new inquiry for development of more fashionable product trending to the current fashion industry.

In the 2nd mill week, Zaber and Zubair displayed 5 new developments of fabric collection along with regular developments by analyzing current fashion trend for upcoming clothing display. Ocean Stripes, Rockpile, Vintage Heather, Butterfly Hatch and Blooming Seersucker were their new presentation for the buyer. The design and construction were selected from their experience, customer demand and trend analysis by their expert R&D and design team. They are expecting that these will be the next design trend in the world fashion industry.

“We participated at many renowned mill weeks globally with our design creations, where we have gathered vast knowledge about how to improve design innovation capacity,” said Founding Chairman of the Noman Group Md. Nurul Islam. “Last year 150 buyers visited here. This year about 300 buyers from major clothing brands and retailers visited,” said Nurul Islam.

Noman Group, the mother company of Zaber and Zubair Fabric Ltd. has the vast experience of around 49 years in fabric manufacturing and it has 36 factories in operations. This practice they will continue twice in a year. “The management decided to initiate observance of mill week of Zaber and Zubair Fabrics, which would be an opportunity not only for the company but also for the country to brand its image globally,” Islam added.

In a separate speech Abdullah Zaber, Deputy Managing Director of the company, stated, “We are the only supplier in Bangladesh that can meet seven days lead time.”“We will invest Tk 500 cr for specialised fabric plant at Bhaluka,” said Mohammad Zaber. “It is called the ‘Coolmax All Season’, the fabric’s demand is on the rise globally as it transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while the fabric’s fibre structures provide insulation on colder days,” Zaber added.

Noman Group is producing 17 mn yards of woven fabric which 12 mn yards are non-denim and 5 mn yard is denim fabric to meet countries fabric consumption and saving currency to go out to import. Its annual turnover was $1.2bn in the last fiscal year 2016-2017.