Testex, a member of International Testing Association for Applied UV Protection, has come up with world’s strictest testing & certification system for clothing and shading textiles known as ‘UV Standard 801’. The standard is identified with a label on the textile and is well suited for fabrics, any type of clothing, shoes, etc, that protects from UV radiation.

The textile industry, in collaboration with the fashion sector, has offered clothing with UV protection for many years. The textiles achieve UV protection factors which are much more effective than the strongest sun creams. Only clothing with the label ‘UV Standard 801’ has been tested in wet, stretched and used conditions during the testing process. Sensitive persons, children and seniors in particular, and also anyone else who spends time outdoors, can thus effectively protect themselves against aggressive solar radiation, said Testex.

“It is very important to bear in mind that not all types of shade are the same. With shade created through a sunshade or clothing, it is not sufficient that it has a UV protection factor (UPF) of 50, it must also show the validation characteristics of UV Standard 801,” said Portuguese dermatologist Osvaldo Correia. Correia specifically recommends workwear with the ‘UV Standard 801’ as a benchmark for outdoor occupations. By labeling the protective function against UV radiation, workwear can be considered as Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with directive (EU) 2016/425. It should thus meet the highest requirements for all different predictable usage conditions.

Testex is a globally operating, independent Swiss testing and certification organisation with focus on textile and leather testing. Since 1997, it has been offering UV protection factor measurements for all types of textiles.