A US Navy veteran who served in the Vietnam War has set-up a clothing company, Apparel by Home Run, which makes stylish performance fishing gear. Eighty-year-old Glen Newell has immense knowledge and a passion for fishing. The company is the result of Newell spending a large portion of his life on the water and his keen eye for performance fishing gear.

Newell fell in love with Louisiana and what the Sportsman’s Paradise offered him. Expanding on his affinity for fishing, Newell runs Home Run Charters Fishing & Lodges company in Venice, Louisiana. However, along with being an outdoorsman, Glen possessed a keen eye for stylish performance fishing gear. Therefore, with decades of business experience, he combined his talents and ideas to make his own clothing company.

Fishing always held a special place in Newell’s heart. He believes that protective fishing attire is a necessity, and it must be very attractive for men and women. Armed with a local design team of graphic designers and Louisiana artists, Apparel By Home Run makes a big splash into the waters of performance fishing apparel.

“We create quality, attractive products with high-quality material, UV protection, UPF 50+, moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinking, and anti-microbial features, for men and women. Our fully embroidered shirts also share these factors. Our designs are 100 per cent original. Each piece of art is created in-house, by our graphic artists and designers,” the company said.