US firm Simple Recycling will start collecting used textiles like old clothes, shoes, belts or handbags beginning June 17 in pink bags that will be mailed to households in Berlin in the weeks beforehand. Every recycling collection day, the company will pick up the bags, which should be left on pavements, and leave a replacement attached to the recycling bin.

The new service is expected to save disposal costs. Berlin is a town in Connecticut State. The Ohio-based company already operates in Newington, New Britain and Plainville, among other Connecticut towns. While Berlin town pays $64 a tonne to dispose of those waste, the Simple Recycling contract will be reimbursing the town $20 a tonne collected, according to a report. Simple Recycling resells lightly used textiles domestically or abroad, where gently used or out-of-fashion clothing might be more marketable, while more heavily soiled clothing will be recycled for raw materials. The service is not meant to compete with local charities.