UNIMAC Associates Limited, established in 2016, aims to serve the RMG industry of Bangladesh to the best of its ability and added advanced technology to provide extra savings which brings you to the actual profits. The company has a full fledge and well equipped 3s center (Sales, Service and Spare) located in Uttara, Dhaka to serve its valuable customers.

The Managing Director MB Rahman Biplob believes in advanced & latest concept successfully catering to the apparels & knitwear industry in Bangladesh RMG sector. Biplob who has more than 17 years of experience in working with world’s leading sewing & knitting technology manufactures. “In July-October period of the current 2018-19 fiscal year, export of knitwear garment from Bangladesh grew. To increase its pace and achieve countries export target, our RMG manufacturers are looking at investing in new technologies to increase their productivity and remain globally competitive. We at UNIMAC aim to provide latest and the best advanced technologies with new concept to increase your production volume with the existing and provide the complete (before & after) sales support, be it for service, spares, or technology with the help of strong technical team,” says MB Rahman Biplob.

The company is official agent of Shang Gong brand industrial sewing technology, LENSH brand Intelligent auto placket setter, MATSUYA brand computerized flat knitting machine which is built in Japan technology, UNIMAC brand direct drive high speed dial linking machine, NOKI high speed auto super side simmer (linking) machine, Rimoldi brand cup simmer and XINYA hangs to cone soft winding machines FABCARE brand finishing, washing, special & automatic sewing machine. The company presents its latest & advanced technological solutions at the Expo “Garmentech and Dhaka Int’l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG).” Given are its product lines’ highlights:

Shang Gong (SGG) brand industrial sewing technology
Shang Gong Group is one of the biggest China government listed company manufacturing industrial sewing machines for light & heavy duty operation together with their German sisters concern Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, KSL & Mauser by the same concept how to minimize your cost to get the actual profit. Shang Gong industrial sewing technology offers you good price, good quality & good support.

MATSUYA Multi gauge flat knit technology
Matsuya is a Japanese company having expertise in flat knitting machine, producing both collar and sweater flat knitting machines maintaining quality as standard at their assembly plant in China. Matsuya innovated 3 way sinker position which is always latest and the best advantage since its foundation in 1946 located at Anjo city, Japan. One of the latest innovations is Super NSC 212 multi gauge models which are 3.5-7GG, 12/14GG & 6GG-12GG (Double System) technology. This model is built in double system multi gauge concept by its knitting technique.

TONGCHENG single system flat knitting machine
Considering present requirement from the market Tongcheng brand is another innovation of fully fashion single system knitting machine with set-up comb & dynamic stitch, which will relax you to fulfill your production lines for 5/7GG, 12GG & 14GG fixed guage knitting.

UNIMAC brand direct drive high speed dial linking machine
This is the first innovation of direct drive high speed dial linking built in new concept to increase productivity and saving power consumption at the same time. This machine runs by individual direct drive servo motor fixed by programmable controller without belt. To avoid the possibility of oil mark, machine is lubricated by grease. Also the needle position during operation always stays in safe position when & wherever operators stop the machines. As a result needle breakage is very few. For it’s faster movement and individual controlling system, it is easiest way to increase the efficiency, productivity and saves power.

XINYA Hangs to cone & cone to cone soft winding machine
XINYA winder is built in hangs attachment as additional facility, which can wind hags yarn directly to cone and cone to cone as soft cone with double waxing by saving time & labor cost. It helps to knit garments faster and make less yarn wastage. It is very faster, less noise & environment friendly as per compliance. It has maximum speed 1,500 mtr/min. used depending on yarn quality.

Rimoldi Altair 255 thread cup simmer machine
This is a Italian brand high speed cup simmer machine which can be used for side & arm hole joint of the sweater. This is very faster and 3 times more production than manual old cattle dial linking machine. Rimoldi is launching its new jeans line to meet your production demand.

NOKI auto super linking machine
Donguan Noki Machinery Co. Ltd. from China’s latest high speed auto Super Linking Machine is Noki. It has different models of multi gauges A9, A9-EL & A9-F2. Considering production cost, this machine is becoming very popular for its quality, highest productivity and performance. It has multi gauge option like 3GG-7GG and 7GG-16GG. The technology comes with micro adjustment facility with auto tensioner. This is very easy to operate and encourage the operators to achieve the highest level of production. Almost 5 times more productivity for sleeve & side simmer than using old cattle dial linking machine. To make it cost effective buyers are now encouraging to the manufacture for using this high speed super linking machine.

FABCARE brand finishing & special machine
Fabcare is a symbol of quality & trust which added extra value in RMG manufacturing lines. Fabcare is very conservative brand to make OEM from the most quality manufacturer to provide you the best machines for finishing machine, washing machine, automatic and special sewing technology.

LENSH Intelligent auto placket sewing and smart mouth rib setting
Lensh technology is built in auto placket sewing, smart mouth rib setting, York stitching and pressing for trousers back & smart rope wearing for trousers with automatic sewing operation which will increase production up to 1,000 percent at your sewing lines