Two undergraduate scholars will present their latest research to the Concept 2 Consumer® Interest Group during AATCC’s committee meetings, November 13th. Reannan Riedy, Senior Retail Entrepreneurship student in the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University, was invited to present her undergraduate research on phase change materials (PCMs) at the fall committee meetings. Riedy has been a member of Dr. Meredith McQuerry’s research team in the FSU Textile Testing Laboratory since 2017. She has presented her research findings at the International Textile and Apparel Association Conference, the National Fire Protection Association Conference, and the AATCC International Conference. Her recent work to develop a simple, valid, and feasible methodology for quantifying the presence of PCMs on a textile material’s surface will be presented. Riedy will discuss the latest findings in a laundering durability study that she conducted to determine the useful life of a proprietary, micro-encapsulated active cooling technology finish.

Michelle Kerstein, Senior at North Carolina State University Wilson College of Textiles, majoring in Fashion and Textile Management, will present her research on consumers and the circular economy. Kerstein is a recipient of AATCC Foundation Darsey Family Scholarship. She will discuss her latest findings on the increased awareness that consumers have on the negative impacts of the textile and apparel industries. Kerstein will discuss how manufacturers and retailers need to work with and engage consumers by supporting models that increase clothing use like clothing swaps, clothing rentals, and the secondhand market. She will also discuss how companies can invest in safe and renewable materials that excite consumers and discover solutions that turn used clothes into new-like textile recycling and upcycling. The AATCC Fall 2019 Concept 2 Consumer® Interest Group Meeting will be held on November 13, at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center at 4700 Emperor Blvd., Durham, NC 27703.