UK-based personal protective equipment (PPE) provider PPSS Group has launched a new black iteration of its Cut-Tex Pro fabric, used by militaries and the security services.

The development provides greater versatility for the brand’s extensive customer base which spans high-risk industries. Adopted in uniforms, workwear and tactical protective accessories, the fabric – which is pound for pound stronger than Kevlar – is slash, cut and stab resistant.

Robert Kaiser is the company’s CEO and circulates demonstrative videos of the fabric in action in order to highlight the protective capabilities of the substrate in question. He said: “The most common question we have faced over the past years is: Can you also produce it in a much darker colour? From today onwards we can now answer this question with: Yes, we can!”

Around the same thickness as a conventional cotton t-shirt, Cut-Tex Pro puts a non-invasive barrier between professionals and the potential hazards which present themselves on the job. It offers EN 388:2016 cut resistance level E and level 5 based on the previous EN 388:2003 standard. It has also been tested and certified to ANSI/ISEA 2016 cut resistance level A5. In terms of comfort, Kaiser insists it has a pH level of around 6.6 and so does not irritate the skin. The new black version is available to buy.