TITBAS Zippers is one of the most prominent manufactories in the world. Its factory is capable of producing zippers for any possible application including textiles, furniture, shoes, luggage, military and automotive industry. The company has been in the leading position in the local market with its quality and reliability of producing zippers and zipper sliders, keeping up global trends and standards. In house manufacturing enables it to create and produce zippers according to the specific requirement of each customer using colour matching technology and special design sliders. Its extensive product variety, integrated design service and quality management maximizes the mutual success. To know more about the company and its plans for Bangladesh market, Apparel Views – Bangladesh editorial team interviewed Mustafa Aras, GM, TITBAS Zipper. Given are some excerpts…

Please tell us briefly about your company?

TITBAS Zipper Company was established on 1976 as leading manufacturing plant in Istanbul to serve Turkish garment manufacturers. Then after getting the customers trust in years, we became very important manufacturer in Turkey and all around the world. Paying importance for the quality and services has been noticed with the world brands with providing their approval for the garment manufacturers.

TITBAS company proudly arranges the productions with Oekotex Standard and with Social Responsible and Health and Safety Management System.

What is your current production capacity? What are the latest products you are offering?

Our Production Capacity is 18.000.000 pcs with nylon, plastic, metal zippers with different numbers. All production capacity has been arranged to serve to our customers with fastest sampling process and to reach their delivery time for their partners. Besides this, with our valued technical teams and design people prepare new moulds and daily fashion products for the brands need for everyday changing completions.

Our latest products are Shiny Products for leather companies and fashion companies’ requests for their goods appeal for the final consumers. Another important issue and fashionable requests are printed water resistance zippers with different designed pullers with plastic and metal appearances. We are very strong our metal zippers. We are using Y-Type raw materials for keeping our quality.

What are the latest trends in zippers?

Latest trends in the world now to use water resistance products for fashionable appearance on replacement on the garments. To make that kind of zippers with different puller selections with bigger shows on the garments are very popular for the brands and high fashion textile market. Our Research and Development Department are also working new projects to announce to our partners to present their new design products to their customers.

How has been your journey so far in Bangladesh? What kind of demand you feel industry has right now?

TITBAS Zipper company is serving many companies in Bangladesh bor nearly seven years with its valuable trusty products. We are trying to give more advantages for every detail to our customers who they produce the garments for our approved brands.

Our mission is reaching every country whose manufacturers produce the all kind of garments to our partners. Bangladesh is the one of the important country for our company. We feel our Bangladeshi friends’ needs and enjoy working with the valuable companies.


How do you convince your customers, when they compare your products with others? Where do you think your company has an edge?

Our 42 years’ experience and many approvals with the well-known brands are our companies’ most important proof to trust our company fastness and quality and service. With our related Certificates and friendly, sacrificing behaviour will be convincing our goals to the market. With all this, I think the garment manufacturers will have many advantages working with us.

Where do you think Bangladesh lacks at present?

Bangladesh market is very important and there are many well experienced garment and shoes and leather manufacturers. They make very good products for the brands and for the world agencies. Each day and year, they add a lot to their reputations. They need to improve their infrastructure and port facilities. At the same time factories need to improve working conditions and take care of compliances required by the buyers.

How did 2018 go for your company?

The year 2018 has been good for our company, increasing with 20 per cent turnovers and gaining new customers and partners worldwide. Due to some worldwide crises, many countries was facing problems, our company TITBAS Zipper has improved and ready to serve the world.

How do you look at the 2019-20 for your company?

TITBAS Zipper plans and has prepared the projects to reach more countries in the world and further improve its services and continue making fashionable products. At the same time, making different R&D products to our partner brands and their suppliers. In my opinion, the year 2019-20 should be good for us and we expect to maintain 20-25 per cent growth.