Datatex AG is the world’s leading supplier of IT software solutions to the global textile and apparel industry since 1987. With more than 450 implementations across 42 countries and 5 continents, Datatex has made a positive impact in the global textile and apparel industry. The Analyst Limited – IT Enabled Corporate & Project Management Service Provider & Software House with headquarters in Dhaka, is the partner and reseller of Datatex products for the Bangladesh market. To know more about the company and its further plans, Apparel Views Editorial team met and interviewed Bhaskar Ranjan Saha – Managing Director The Analyst Bhaskar Ranjan Saha Limited. Given are some excerpts…

Please tell us more about The Analyst’s activities in Bangladesh?

The Analyst offers comprehensive IT Enabled Corporate & Project Management Service & Solutions for companies and successfully offers the best IT solutions on the market, able to satisfy all needs in every field: ERP management software, Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligences, financial management and analysis, business analysis and Internal control management, investment analysis, risk analysis, accounting and tax solutions, supply chain, value chain, Business Transformation into industry 4.0.

We are the marketing & implementing partner for Datatex, which is exclusively for textile and apparel industry. Core activity of The Analyst is to provide the system, Services and solutions to enhance management efficiency & production efficiency. We are integrating four pillars of business including: Marketing & Sales, Production & Technology, Finance & Accounting and Human Capitals. Within integration we work for supply chain management, value chain management & resources management. These are the things I have worked for last 12 years in the industry directly and learned the needs.

Today, most of the companies are lacking up these integration in Bangladesh. So, once we are going to the customers we are declaring that we are here for process integration. Process is not only for production but every management and business process. If 25 years back a customer’s efficiency is 50 per cent, and again today it is still almost the same. What’s the point? What value have you added to the industry? You should go for improving efficiency and reducing wastage. So, we are providing system, services & solutions for the same.

What edge does Analyst have over other companies already operating in this market?

The Analyst with its strong ethics recognises that customer’s values and understanding of its needs is always first. We have strong professional bedrock updating necessary time bound skills, experiences and knowledge in business-finance-investment in all together ‘Three in One Analytical Review’. Our strengths and promise on the needs of our valued clients keeping its privacy and confidentiality as is a paramount of our business. Our mission is to be the first choice of business & investment world in development, execution, evaluation & finally refinement of our client needs with a follow-up of its challenges.

How much has Datatex achieved so far in Bangladesh?

The software owned by the Datatex stands out clearly from other software on the market, and is the most current and the best for practicality. Since we at The Analyst are focused on the textile and clothing industry in Bangladesh, the concept of accounting for business & its resources that integrates all business processes into a single system and database is committed to providing high-level performance is central to us. We noted that the right IT solutions for this sector are those of Datatex, so we decided to introduce Datatex solutions in the Bangladesh market with a view to make our little contributions to the journey of industry efficiency enhancement for its sustainability.

Though in Bangladesh it is still in a start-up process because people feel Datatex are the best systems, but they are concerned about its cost. They are not much ready inhouse to accept the same upfront. In terms of commercialisation of the transaction in Bangladesh, Datatex is just beginning. As far as we have not added any commercial value. Today, Datatex has three customers here but they are very old. Infact they are also not updated with current integrated Datatex textile and apparels management systems and solutions. Still we are very much hopeful of better future and optimistic.</p

The technology works on internet but internet infrastructure in Bangladesh is not upto the mark. So, how do you cope up with it?

Once you are going for digitalisation, internet based system, or browsing based system, I feel infrastructure is very important. Most of the customers’ business location is very isolated; they are having different units at different locations. System like Datatex sometime becomes difficult if they don’t have very strong backbone of the internet. So, that’s why some customers are thinking of high speed internet installation and networking system and cloud system. Some companies are investing while some are just checking, but ultimately in 2-4 years they all have to go for the same because all the resources of the production floor are going to be internet based in the context of IIOT. World is accepting it but Bangladesh still has a long way to go.

As you see as future of the textile industry now is determined by 4.0. So, how is Datatex incorporating that?

Already Datatex system has addressed Industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 means cyber physical connectivity. This means everything has to be communicated through internet. Your production floor has to be connected with your board room through internet. If any machine having defects, the operating room i.e. management room will be notified. Datatex is already following this concept world over. They have addressed these issues and their clients are also very much happy with this concept using and adopting the systems. So, now there is no need to enter input and output data in machine room and production floors manually. It will be automatically connected with management system through wifi terminal through cloud based system connecting with the machine directly through sensors and software.

What are the main issues you are facing?

Factory owners are investing only in sophisticated machines but not in the systems for managing those machines. They are not going for any standard system, which is the reason they have failed to get return on their investments. So, challenge is to make them aware of the process to get better return on their investment. They can run their business efficiently by using data, but that has to be cross functionally verified through the software. If you collect data manually, who is going to ensure the integrity and neutrality of that data? Here management system and internal calculation system will ensure the accuracy.

What is the mission of Datatex for the future of Bangladesh textile industry?

Already Datatex is a visionary consultant and developer. Internationally we have ERP software which is widely accepted. In the perspective of Bangladesh what could be the vision of Datatex in collaboration with Analyst. Their target is to support the industry to adapt to this demand of digital management for textile and apparel industry. Since they are very successful company all over the world with their 450 system installations, they can support the textile and apparel industry owners in Bangladesh also to get best practice accepted worldwide. Analyst is also having same kind of objective like Datatex. So, we are here as a implementing partner and ensure customers that technology partner Datatex will help Bangladesh apparel and textile industry in increasing their efficiency.

What are your expectations from Bangladesh Govt.?

Current Bangladesh Govt. is trying their best to support ICT industry. Any digitalisation will work once the ICT infrastructure is faster and uninterrupted, otherwise this system will not work properly. Our expectation from the govt. is to provide industry owners, high speed internet at low cost like gas, power, and utilities. For getting faster real time data, internet is the must. Entire industrial belt has to be well connected with high speed internet. Otherwise this mission will not be successful.

What is your message for the Bangladesh textile industry?

Our appeal to the industry people, owners and high executives is to run your business through data and assure your integrity with the data. So if you want to collect data you have to have industry best practice management system and software. If you run your business with this, you can increase the efficiency, save the cost, reduce the wastage. Industry people have to embrace industry specific management system and solutions. Don’t go for any generic system for customisation of you industry preference. Go for system which is best for your industry.

We are also working on skill developments. Today in our industry 15 per cent of production efficiency is lost due to lack of management. It is not a problem with worker as they are ready to serve. But they are not getting input on time and that’s why production for efficiency is not coming. The management has to take care of factory operations. If their systems are not efficient how will they make production efficient? So now it’s the high time to transform it and embrace this system. Otherwise, the industry will have to face very difficult time as our neighbouring competitor countries are adopting this technology. Now the Bangladeshi industry should focus on increasing efficiency and productivity, introducing the concept of innovation from the point of view of IT systems and standardizing the processes and specifications.