This year’s World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF2019) will take place in Helsinki, with around 2,000 delegates descending on the Finnish capital to discuss key issues such as the recycling of apparel and textiles. Aalto University, the Finnish institution which pioneered the production of man-made cellulosic textile fibre Ioncell, will take part in the event, presenting its latest research results on the circular economy — featuring a study into design to better enable the recycling of textiles.

At the beginning of the year, Aalto University published the findings of a study into the “theoretical gap in consumer intention to circular business model” within the fashion sector. The research applied the theory of planned behaviour as a theoretical framework in order to assess the potential engagement of apparel consumers with circular practices.

The Ioncell fibre created at Aalto is said to be produced using a ’next generation’ range of ionic liquids which allows for the dissolution of cellulose and its subsequent regeneration into filaments which display “outstanding properties that are superior to cotton, viscose, and lyocell fibres.”

WCEF2019 speakers include Laura Tuck, Vice President for sustainable development at the World Bank, Vice President of the European Investment Bank, Emma Navarro, and Director General for the environment at the European Commission, Daniel Calleja. In addition to the main conference, Aalto University has organised a side event open for 5th June.