In a letter to the Bangladeshi Government, members of the partnership and Accord call for support on existing agreements for the transition of the Bangladesh Accord to the Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC) from Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In October last year, the Transition Monitoring Committee (TMC) of the Bangladesh Accord – consisting of the government, employer organisations, trade unions and Accord signatories– agreed on several goals to be fulfilled in order to commence the transition, a move welcomed by the German partnership.

The letter commends “significant improvements” in workplace safety in the Bangladesh garment industry since the enactment of the Accord, though recognises that work remains to be done. Going forward, once the TMC assesses the RCC as ready, the Accord will hand over its responsibilities to the new body. In April this year the Bangladesh High Court initially instructed the government to not extend the jurisdiction of the Accord beyond May 31, in relation to grievances said to have arisen from a lack of uniformity between the findings of the Accord and Alliance’s inspection teams and alleged miscommunications regarding public agreements.