The Teijin Group’s fibre and products converting company has developed Solotex Octa, a highly modified cross-section crimped yarn that is extra bulky, lightweight, stretchable and shape-recovering. Samples will be provided in the fiscal year 2018. Teijin Frontier expects annual sales of staple-fibre Solotex Octa to reach 400 tonne and sales of filament Solotex Octa to reach one mn mtr as textiles by the fiscal year ending in March 2023.

Synthetic staple fibre insulation that is extra shape-recovering after compression, bulky and lightweight is in demand as a substitute for natural feathers. There also is demand for extra bulky, lightweight and stretchable synthetic filament, but until now, manufacturers have found it difficult to produce such fibre that is both bulky and stretchable.

Teijin Frontier developed Solotex Octa by transforming the cross-sectional shape of Solotex, a stretchable, shape-recovering and high-cushioning material, into a highly modified cross section comprising eight projections aligned in a radial pattern around a hollow fibre.

In addition to those of Solotex, shape-recovering after compression, highly bulky, lightweight and stretchable owing to the clearance between fibres are pone of the many features offered by Solatex Octa. When used for staple fibres, it maintains its coiled crimp structure with rigidity due to its cross-section shape, resulting in shape-recovering after compression, high stretchability and cushioning. Textiles are absorbent, quick drying, anti-transparent, and provide thermal barriers and insulation due to Solotex Octa’s large surface area.

Teijin Frontier envisions a wide range of promising applications for Solotex Octa, including fashionwear, industrial materials and more. The staple-fibre version will be used in place of feathers mainly for bedding. The filament version of Solotex Octa will be used in textiles for sportswear and fashionwear.