PolyOne recently launched a new line of super black textile colorants with outstanding darkness, superior colour fastness and great spinning performance for PA and PET fibres. The new super black range is powered by a specialized technology that makes a spectrum of black colors appear deeper and more intense, and is suitable for small denier fiber and microfibre.

“We developed this technology in response to the growth in demand for black textiles,” said Say-Eng Lee, General Manager Color Asia, at PolyOne. “Manufacturers will benefit from an extended pack life of more than three weeks. Also, within this line, we are able to create stronger bluish-black formulas at elevated colour fastness levels through material and process optimization.”

Compared to traditional dyes, the new super black masterbatch colorants for PA and PET fibres are a more sustainable solution. They enable a clean and water-free process for synthetic fibre coloration that does not create pollutants. As the newest members of PolyOne’s fiber colorant portfolio, this super black series also offers unparalleled darkness that can meet automotive interior requirements, even for microfibers. New super black colors also feature a 30 to 60 per cent lower addition rate compared with conventional black masterbatch.