Luxury lifestyle brand Stella McCartney is the latest high-profile company to partner with Fashion for Good, the fashion sustainability initiative which connects disruptive innovators with major apparel companies. Stella McCartney joins adidas, C&A, Galeries Lafayette, Kering, PVH, Target and Zalando as corporate partners which, through Fashion for Good’s network, are introduced to the textile industry’s up-and-coming innovators and given access to market-ready sustainable technologies.

“We are constantly exploring innovative ways to become more sustainable, joining Fashion for Good helps us on this journey. Together we can spark and scale the next generation of circular technologies and help change the fashion industry,” said Stella McCartney. To symbolise its newly-established relations, a Stella McCartney dress will feature at the soon-to-be-launched Fashion for Good Experience, from October 5. The garment has been dyed using Colorifix’s proprietary bio-synthetic technology, a graduate of FFG’s Accelerator programme, which converts agricultural by-products such as sugar molasses into colorants suitable for textile dyeing.

This process is said to drastically reduce the environmental impact of conventional textile dyeing methods, using just a tenth of the amount of water whilst eradicating metals, acids and solvents from the process. “It’s great to see Stella McCartney is actively embracing new technologies from innovators from our programme,” commented Katrin Ley, Fashion for Good’s Managing Director. “This dress is an exciting example of what good fashion looks like.” A similar dress designed by Stella McCartney in collaboration with Colorifix is already on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum as part of the company’s Fashioned from Nature exhibition.