Bangladesh’s apparel exports gained over 14 per cent in February, leaping by the numbers in receipt sum during the month after witnessing a fall. According to a report, during July-February 2019 period, total apparel exports stood at over $23.1 bn, marking an impressive gain of 14.17 per cent on a year-toyear basis. In total exports of Bangladesh, the export performance of February was $3.38 bn – a 7 per cent gain on a year-to-year basis. It showed that apparel exports accounted for over 87 per cent of the total exports of the country, which is usually around 83 per cent.

Now to boost the industry’s growth more, technologies play a very important role. This is the reason, why all major apparel manufactures have acknowledged the role of applying innovative techniques to help them remain ahead in today’s competitive markets. As a result, technology suppliers are striving hard to innovate and develop new technologies keeping with demands of the industry. In its continuous endeavour to provide the industry informative content, in the next few pages we are covering some of latest technologies introduced for apparel manufacturing…

Gerber innovates to meet personalization and need for speed challenges with AccuMark® Version 12 launch

Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. Gerber serves 78,000 customers in 134 countries, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in apparel & accessories, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign & graphics. The company develops and manufactures its products from various locations in the United States and Canada and has additional manufacturing capabilities in China. Based in Connecticut in the USA, Gerber Technology is owned by AIP, a New York based, global private equity firm specializing in the technology sector and has more than $3.0 bn assets under management.

Personalization, convenience and value: Online and offline shoppers want it all. They expect brands and retailers to understand their needs and deliver new styles and trends faster than ever before. “To survive and more importantly thrive in today’s markets, fashion players need to improve their agility, speed and connectivity,” said Mary McFadden, VP of CAD Product Management, Gerber Technology. “Our Version 12 AccuMark Platform release delivers on these demands from product design and development to 3D sampling through optimized production planning and manufacturing.”

This is Gerber’s first of many software releases of 2019. It’s a year that promises to be notable for Gerber, as they deliver on a robust roadmap and work towards the opening of their NYC Innovation Center and Microfactory. Version 12 of the AccuMark Platform solves your business’ need for speed and adds features to address your customers’ demands for personalization. Its robust feature set is capable of addressing both on-demand or digital printing workflows as well as fully optimized mass production operations.

Spreading System by Eastman

Eastman Machine Company is a cutting machine manufacturer, providing custom engineered solutions and innovative technologies for a variety of industries. Eastman offers the industry’s widest range of classic, handheld and manually-operated fabric cutting machines; as well as a comprehensive line of fully automated, computerized cutting and plotting systems.

Spreading System – ES-1800

The Eastman ES-1800 Series Spreading System is suitable for all types of fabrics and offers multiple functions for fast and easy spreading heights up to 7.9” (20cm). Available in several sizes, the ES-1800 is the perfect solution for accurate spreads.

System features:

  • Spread one-way (face-up) or zig zag (face-to-face)
  • LCD touch screen control panel with multiple languages
  • Ergonomic material loading position
  • Dual extension system for maximum tension control
  • Emergency stop control
  • Safety zone indicated with highlighted bar
  • Advanced end cutter design ensures end cutting quality
  • Timing belt and encoder system makes more accurate spread lengths

Technical specifications:

  • Spreading speed 97m/min (106 yards/min)
  • Max. Spreading Height 20cm (7.87 inches)
  • Pass through height 23cm (9.05 inches)
  • Spreading Length Accuracy +/- 3mm (.11 inches)
  • Edge Alignment Accuracy +/- 2mm (.07 inches)
  • Max. Diameter Roll 72 cm (28 inches)
  • Roll Weight Capacity 180 kg (397 lbs)

Automatic and Digital sewing solutions by Juki

Juki advances its activities to create the most suitable factories by making innovative efforts to solve the various problems a customer faces, through the further evolution and systemization of products and IoT.


Juki’s Digital Sewing Machines can respond actively to changes in sewing items and materials. These sewing machines are capable of digitalizing “seam” adjustment functions and setting parameters can be stored as a pattern. The data after adjustment can be transferred through tablet or mobile with a dedicated app (application program) to other sewing machines. The same setting can be shared to other factories, which is running with same style in order to attain same quality seam. This will help the factories reduction of machine setting time during line set up.

Juki’s Digital Sewing Machines: DDL-9000C, LBH- 1790AN, LK-1900BN, LK-1903BN


Due to the raise in global competition factories are required to reduce their manufacturing cost and to support them Juki is coming up all new range of automatic machines which will help them process cost reduction. Apart from cost reduction there are benefits like consistent quality and reduced rejection rate as there is no manual intervention. There is consistent increase use of automatic machine in apparel sector compared to last year. And we have customers using all our automatic machines in apparel, knits as well as non-apparel.

Juki’s Automatic Sewing Machines: PS-700 and MOL-254


An IoT based system capable of performing connects all of the machines in a network. Juki meets customer demands by proposing line solutions to overcome production challenges using innovative, high-precision technologies under the “Smart Solutions” slogan. Equipment data such as operation information on individual sewing machines is visualized in real time, analyzed and used for production improvements, speedy response and operator education.

Brother focusing on automation and data exchange

Industry 4.0 is a current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing.

Brother is focusing towards fourth industrial revolution by introducing Brother Network System IOT in which the Brother industrial DigiFlex sewing machines are successfully connected to cloud server by which we can extract data of production in real time and take real time action resulting in efficiency improvement.

What is IoT? The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, having the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

The industrial machines connected to Brother IoT will generate the useful conditional reports like line balancing Bar graph, hourly production with operator rate, machine status, and machine data by which the production and maintenance team can visualize the data to take real time action towards improvement of productivity and reduction in down time.

DigiFlex feed system is one of the innovation, towards industry 4.0 that Brother has introduced to revolutionise the garment sector as Digiflex grows profit. The DigiFlex models promises to improve quality and productivity as it is a key factor in apparel industry to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

The Brother is focusing towards providing solutions for potential problems that apparels industry has no option to eliminate. Digiflex technology helps the maintenance team to adjust the machine with a touch of a option where feed system is digitally controlled by one pluse motor and providing 3 additional feed motion in which garent factory can reduce roping effect and puckering effect and improve quality of the garment.

The technology also provided with sensor to provide consistent SPI at crossover seams and eliminating the usage of hammers which is one of the major compliance issues. This process also reduces the handling time and reducing of cycle time, resulting in efficiency improvement. And also helps in reduction of manpower in the line.

Ramsons presents technologies in keeping with today’s requirements of sustainability

Ramsons a brand from over 30 years known for its innovative cutting edge technology presents new technologies in keeping with today’s requirements of sustainability. Its mission is to save water, energy, chemical and increase automization. Some of the new products include.


  • The machine is provided with spray nozzles, which will be placed in front loading washing / dyeing machines
  • Only apply the required product along with water, which completely absorbed by garment resulting in huge savings of water and products
  • Fully automatic operation controlled by PLC. Timing and flow rate can be controlled as per the requirement of the fabric/garment
  • This unit can be connected to existing washing / dyeing machines


  • Low liquor ratio Vertostar 7.7 with jet spray /Sprinkler technology for garment/denim washing and dyeing with liquor ratios as low as 1:3
  • Ramsons Vertostar Series uses a state-ofthe- art Dual Drainage System that enables the reuse of effluent and can reduce the size of the ETP while reducing the overall cycle time.
  • Some of the optional features in these machines are:
  • Jet spray technology (recycling of water)
  • De-stoner attachment (easier removal of pumice stones)
  • Controlled heating & cooling (for uniform dyeing)
  • Filtration unit
  • Colour kitchen and many other features

Conveyorized Dryer

  • Conversed Line drying that utilizes the atmospheric energy and saves drying time by over 85 per cent
  • Ramsons would also like to introduce “Sustainable Drying System” called Conveyorized Dryer
  • This system takes 85 per cent less energy than standard tumble drying system
  • Also it helps you to avoid problems like Back staining, Lycra Damage or Garment DE shape etc.

Automatic Robotic Spray

Robotic spray booths, curing ovens that work on gas in the dry process area to save on energy. Ramsons “YANTRAMAN” Automatic Robotic Spray machine designed for PP spray process on denim trousers. It has a Robot fitted with a spray unit and the machine has 2 trouser Mannequins for continuous operation. Fully Enclosed cabinet with Exhaust blower and filter unit system for compliance and ease of working.

  • High production with better consistency
  • Less dependency on skilled operators hence better productivity
  • Totally enclosed cabinet no pollution or suffocation in the working area.
  • User friendly programming and easy operation of the robot
  • Can be customized with different configuration as per customer requirement

Knit-o-matic auto pressing equipment and low energy high vacuum boards in the garment finishing area in its Joint Venture Ramsons-Veit with Ms Veit of Germany. All these besides its extensive range of over 50 innovative equipments are on display.

Pegasus presents latest sewing machine series

Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of sewing machines in the world. Given are some of its latest innovations:

FS700P-A series LaRgo

Equipped with independent right and left differential feed ratio adjustment mechanism.

Oil Barrier type, 4-needle flat seaming. Unique design of independent right and left differential feed ratio mechanism produces beautiful and stable sewing result even on different fabric within same garment.

  • Easy to seam different fabric material: Effective to seam different right and left fabric material such as sportswear
  • Reduce operators’ manual adjustment: This unique feature enables operators to seam two different types of fabric easily
  • Stable quality and improvement of productivity: It keeps stable sewing result not depending on operators’ skills, which contributes to stable quality and improvement of productivity.

M900/DDM series (Equipped with direct drive motor)
M900 series with direct drive motor

  • Equipped with Direct Drive Motor: Pegasus original motor: Pegasus guarantees quality and safety; CE marking: Clearing all CE standard; User Friendly: Quick and easy installation; Safety and high efficiency. (Patented Design); Motor design with original bulkhead coupling is UN necessity and High Power, 550W.
  • Dust Prevention: Dust seal at upper looper mechanism prevent from dust problem and no damage on the machines.

Interlock Stitch Machines – WT169P series

WT169P series – “Oil Barrier” type (Variable top feed, interlock stitch machines with an extremely small-sized cylinder bed). Extremely small-sized cylinder bed.

Block oil leakage

The needle bar includes a newly designed oil seal and bushing, exerting dramatic “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes. And maintenance is very simple and easy, such as change the oil seal.

This feature reduces oil stains on sewn products, decreasing the use of stain remover. The WT169P series is a reliable sewing machine that creates a clean work environment and contributes to global environmental protection.

  • Variable top feed, interlock stitch machines with an extremely small-sized cylinder bed (circumference:113 mm)
  • Thanks to this cylinder bed, the sewing of small-sized tubular goods, such as sleeve openings and bottoms of wear for children and babies, which would otherwise be difficult, is easy this features increase the quality of sewn products
  • Equipped with the belt type bottom feed mechanism and a top feed dog, these machines sew cross seam sections smoothly, so that no ply-shifting and/or twisting occurs on the fabric during sewing. Neatly finished products are obtained

Twin head, Ultrasonic Automatic Elastic Band joining machine- XJ-C311-CCD2

Main functions:

  • Thread wiper
  • Production counter
  • Double size bobbin
  • Automatically stop working when disconnected
  • Elastic band hot ironing device
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Automatic identification of rubber band joints and cut off
  • Unit number set counter
  • Automatic stop
  • Intermediate presser foot

High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine by Hikari

Hikari (Shanghai) Precise Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd., which is one of the world’s largest manufacturing and researching center of industrial sewing machine, also is one of the earliest Chinese enterprise to research and manufacture high–end computerised industrial sewing machines.

Computer Direct-Drive Intelligent High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machine (HX6800TD)

  • Intelligent identify material: Automatically adjust the sensor mode and light system can protect the sensors from interference and wearing
  • Upgrade fully: Integration design can improve performance and stitch quality
  • Magnetic controlling system: Superior precision allowing setting stop


Easily the integrated design helps transportation and installation, Sewing speed Max 8,000 rpm, LED light

T-Shirt and Sweater printers from Aura Designs

Aura Designs Ltd is the latest trendsetter in the digital textile printing technology arena. The company formed by a group of technocrats with more than two decades of wide and varied experience across textile and apparel sectors, aims to change the dynamics of the market. It is striving to bring the best hardware and software technologies together and integrating the same in its product portfolio. This has helped the company to launch state-of the-art, cutting edge products aimed at delivering higher outputs at lower costs thereby providing higher optimisation levels.

Today, the biggest challenge faced by DTG printers is the white ink itself. The white ink always causes problems for print head clogging and consistency of prints. The cost of digital white inks also makes it more expensive for the operational cost. The smaller printer available in markets does not give enough production and the bigger ones are too expensive and complicated to operate. To overcome all these issues; the company came up with “Smart Series of T-shirt Printers.” This printer is a perfect solution for printing on Tshirts / Panels with pigment inks. It works on white, light, as well as dark base.

Aura Smart T-shirt Printer combines the format of screen and digital printing; reducing printing cost and making use of white ink possible by screen. “Smart” uses a special software and sensor technology which makes the registration easy and can print multiple copies without ripping the designs again and again.

The printer has a speed of printing 80-140 T- shirts/hr and till day, more than 200 such machines have been installed worldwide. Some of its main features are:

• Print on light / dark garments • Production: 80 to 140 T-shirts / hour • Fine printing | Brilliant colours • 2X EPSON 5113 Gold generation printheads • White / Glitter, etc. done by screen printing • Printing width of the printer: 145 cm • Standard printing table length: 6 mtr (Options available for 9, 12, 15 or 18 mtr) • Glass table / pallets & computer to be provided locally by the customer • Pre-treatment: Not required • White inks are first printed via screen and then CMYK via digital. White ink used is wet on wet • Posttreatment: Heat fixing thru tunnel heater/ heat curing box

Another major introduction by the company is Aura Grand Sweater Printer. The printer could be installed with low Investment and has low maintenance cost with no limitation of colours. Given are some of its main features:

• Printing on cuffs & collars / ribs • 180 x 260 cm working width • 4X gold generation Epson print heads • 8 colours • Strong Rip • Easy registration • Robust designs

Jack presents needle feed lockstitch and overlock machines

Established in 2003, Jack Sewing Machine Co., Ltd from Taizhou, China is one of the leading companies in the world involved in manufacturing and R&D of full series of lockstitch, over lock, interlock, special machines, machines for heavy-duty materials and pocket-welting machines.

Jack Computerized needle feed lockstitch machine (A6F)

  • Feed Smoothly, Avoid of Layers offset: Specialized feeding keeps fabric smooth without winkles and layers offset; applicable for yarn, chiffon and silk fabrics
  • Beautiful stitches without short thread tail: Beautiful stitches and no need to cut remaining thread. End sewing remaining thread is short within 3 mm, auto lockstitch avoid loose stitch
  • Sealed oil pan, No Oil, No trouble: Sealed oil pan, no dust into the oil, perfect lubrication, clean and durable
  • Large space, wide range of application: The operation space can reach as large as 300mm, which makes fabric feed more smoothly, applicable for down jacket, shirts and suits
  • Easy to learn, easy to sue: Easy to understand, no need to remember parameters

High speed automatic overlock machine with pneumatic suction device (C5)

  • High Efficiency: Max, speed can reach to 7000spm. Efficiency of C5 automatic overlock machine is 35 per cent-100 per cent higher than normal machine, for example, Worker salary =4000 RMB/ month*(1+35 per cent)=5400RMB, monthly revenue increase 1400RMB/ month, according to the analysis the income percentage of workers and boss is 4:6, then the boss monthly revenue increase 2100RMB/month
  • Voice guide, easy to learn and operate: Automatic voice broadcast solution voice guide will help you understand each function
  • One key to reset, trouble free: One key back to the user setting or factory setting
  • Short thread tail, no need extra trimming: Auto thread trimming can control the thread trail to be within 5mm, no need extra trimming
  • One shaft drive, stable and fast: Reduce the machine torque, making the sewing fast, stable and durable

INL presents INA computerized Hanger system

In growing India market automation is the key for every customer who wants to grow faster as automation always helps to organise the procedure of work where we are lacking. INL International Technology Pte. Ltd. provides the INA solutions for garments & home textiles from cut to pack where customers have the work flow in proper manner to have the consistency in work. We are customised in solutions so always gives the right solution to our customer and we have proven the same in India as well as in overseas market.

With the help of INA computerized Hanger system customer can be able to increase production output by 10-20 per cent with current set-up of machines & labour, Being piece by piece flow method Been adopted, it can reduce semi product upto 75 per cent, which will be able to increase production drastically & can save the labour cost much better and efficiently. With the help of effective software customer can take real time data, quantity & other end numbers of details each and every second, which will be very useful to take immediate action at production floor.

One of the latest technological highlight by the company is showcasing the multi floor concept where it can link the floors in terms of cut to pack if customer is having multi floor factory to reduce the transportation from one floor to another.

Faster embroidery solution by Wilcom

In 1979 Wilcom’s founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create and produce embroidered goods. A global organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions and apparel decoration. With a reputation for excellence, Wilcom has become the world’s favourite embroidery software for quality, productivity, ease-ofuse and service.

The latest innovation by the company is Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4.2, which has following features:

  • 64-bit support, making it faster and more reliable
  • Large design thumbnails that generate instantly
  • Ability to open and save designs up to 6 times faster
  • Ability to open endless large images, limited only by your RAM

Groz-Beckert presents high-quality sewing needles

As partner for the entire textile industry, Groz-Beckert satisfies the needs and requirements of the sewing and apparel industry. The company offers not only highquality sewing needles which are decisive for success, but also a comprehensive service that supports customers before, during and after the sewing process. This is exactly the approach of the service concept Sewing5, which is based on the five S’s supply, solutions, service, superiority and sustainability. Together, these key factors represent the consistent customer orientation and service competence for Groz-Beckert.

Another competitive edge of Groz-Beckert’s sewing sector is the provision of an online customer portal. Comprehensive information on the sewing technology as well as a digital product catalogue are now available around the clock. The exclusive access to animations on different types of stitch formation completes the versatile presentation.

The latest service highlight offered by Groz-Beckert is the INH Quality Management (=Ideal Needle Handling). It allows a trouble-free and time-saving handling of broken and damaged sewing machine needles. It also helps to meet the different specifications and compliances of brand owners and buying houses in a uniform procedure.

As of late, Groz-Beckert also offers a digital solution for the documentation of needle breakage, which is called Smart INH. It consists of two software components: A mobile app called INH@site as well as administration software called INH@office. They enable the digital storage of needle breakages (in form of picture-data sets) as well as the administration of machines, production orders and inventory.

Flat Embroidery and Automatic Template machines by Shanggong Gemsy

Zhejiang Shanggong Gemsy Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company which was invested 216 million RMB from Shanggong Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Gemsy Electrical & Mechanical Co., Ltd. on 2nd Sep. 2015, with the purpose of creating Industry 4.0, carrying out sewing equipment “intelligentization, modularization and platformization.” The company which is located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, reputed by “Home of sewing machine in China,” and the construction area is more than 40,000 square meters.

Flat embroidery machines – SG F Series

  • Spring type neutral way and lock on-line structure, make the line tension and stitch more stable smooth
  • Opto-coupler or spring alarm device. Detect the disconnection problem in time
  • Special processing smooth and wear – resistant, more smoothly over the line, longer life
  • 2 million needle, 200 figure storage, support 7 country languages
  • X drive, servo motor driven more stable running


  • The latest bridge stand design, provide quiet working environment
  • Bobbin threads, upper thread, thread breaking automatic detection
  • Automatic colour change, the device according to the pattern coding as well as setting automatic operation, improve work efficiency
  • Embroidery frame limit: Mood exceed the limit of the embroidery frame, alarm and automatically stop
  • Can operational severalty head to realize interval head embroidery
  • Power-off protection function

Automatic Template Machine – SG 13070/13098T-L

This model has many functions which cover for sewing down clothes, suits, leisure clothes with zip, tool etc. Foolproof operations with one touch start. Automatic template identity also is equipped. Highly reduced skillness demand of operator. One operator can operate several machines that highly increase the efficiency. Patterns can be easily edited and read.


  • 7 inch touch panel with one touch start
  • Laser cutting function
  • Customized wear-resisting table
  • Japanese THK lead rail
  • Y: 700mm-980mm
  • X: 1300mm-00mm
  • TBI lead screw
  • High format compatibility: Patterns with format dxf, dst dsb, ai, plt. Tzf etc. all can be identified
  • Patterns can be edited easily and read directly from USB
  • Bar code identity functions, 999 patterns restored
  • Mark Function: Marking points for next sewing step

Application: Down clothes, Jackets, zipper coat, Suits, T-shirt, Seat cushion, sofas, toys, luggage, leatherwear etc

Blue Jade Texink presents Freedom printer

Blue Jade Texink Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing water-based inkjet dye ink manufacturer in India by applying state-of-art technology and equipments in producing sublimation, reactive and disperse inks for Epson, Kyocera, Konica Minolta and Spectra print heads. As a fast-growing company focusing on textile industry, one of its mission is to help new customers to start digital textile printing with comprehensive support, including quality entry-level printers, inks and other consumption medias, pre- and post-treatment chemicals, and engineer training service.

Bluejade – Freedom S1210 6 colour printer

  • Max printing width: 1600mm
  • Printing speed: Production: 32 sqm/h; Very high resolution: 40 sqm/h
  • Print Head: Model: EPSON Dx6 Quantity: 3 Print Head Height: 2.8mm-3.2mm Print Head clean: Negative pressure pumping Max printing width: 720 *2400
  • Ink: Type: Sublimation Ink; Colour: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Blue; Capacity: 1L; Ink supply system: External Ink supply system
  • Media: Maximum weight: 100KG; Type: Transfer Paper
  • System:
  • Operating system: Windows xp/7/8/10, 64 bit systems and high-speed USB2.0 interface
  • Drying system: External drying fan
  • Language: Chinese/English
  • Print Interface: USB interface
  • Working environment: Temperature: 18-24°C Humidity: 40 per cent-70 per cent RH keep the cleaning and dust free condition
  • Power supply: 220V 50HZ
  • Power (W): 2.1 KW
  • Machine Dimension: 2570*700*1350
  • Package Dimension: 2770*960*700
  • Package Weight: 250KG