Apparel manufacturers are using a wide range of creative and ingenious decorative techniques to add value to their fabrics and garments today. The development of these new decorative techniques has been facilitated partly by recent innovations in garment technology. As a result, the range of economical design options for designers and manufacturers has been widened. These innovations have centred on machinery for direct to garment digital printing, embroidery, conventional sewing, embellishment attachment, heat transfer and laser decoration. Additionally, interesting advancements in electronic textiles have taken garment decoration beyond the field of aesthetics by enhancing the functionality of garments for their wearers. This report discusses recent developments in technologies for garment and textiles…

Cutting, Spreading and Inspection machines by Oshima

Established in 1971, Oshima Group (Baoyu Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a well-known manufacturer of ready-made garments and textile machinery at home and abroad. Currently, it has set up operations in Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. For forty years, the group has always “survived by quality, developed by quality, and credited by service” to satisfy customers in return.

Intelligent Knit & Woven Spreading Machine (K-Pro Series)
When you upgrade to Oshima intelligent Knit & Woven Spreading Machine and experience the innovative Data combination system, there’s no way of going back. Explore the future of spreading with intelligent analytics and digitally-enhanced design. Key functions are:
• Data management (Storage, input, output & reporting)
• User friendly operation with touch device
• Management control (Content, authority)
• Connected production equipment

High-speed intelligent cutting machine
Oshima cutting system brings the future into the present. It is by far the most powerful system we have ever created. Company redesigned with our most advanced knife intelligence device. Its automated cutting solutions combine high technology with manufacturing know-how to create truly “cutting” edge machinery. Key functions are:
• Data management (Storage, inputs, output & reporting)
• User friendly operation with touch device
• Knife intelligent (faster, precision)
• Shipping reduce 30 percent of the space
• Connected production equipment
• Fluent integration with other OSHIMA products

Intelligent Conveyor Type Needle Detector
Smart and seamless management for your factory in a futuristic way. These needle detectors leverage the power of ERP solutions to support data management. Locking system and alarm signal are available for smarter business security, ready to assist your factory on demand. Key functions are:
• Data management (Storage, input, output & reporting)
• Downtime detection
• User friendly operation with touch device • Management control (Content, encryption, authority)
• Connected production equipment
• Fluent integration with other OSHIMA products

Mounted Intelligent Fabric Inspection System
Same precision as the stand-alone version, however this system can be integrated into your existing factory layout. The fabric is automatically inspected while it is being spread out. Key functions are:
• Data management (Storage, input, output & reporting)
• User friendly operation with touch device
• Smart analysis, accuracy up to 99 percent
• Instant data transmission
• Connected production equipment
• Fluent integration with other OSHIMA products.

Coats launches Coats Digital

Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread company launched Coats Digital. The integrated technology business brings together all its software solutions under a new single brand which describes and aligns with the offering to its customers across the apparel and footwear industries. Coats Digital provides in-depth industry expertise combined with the practical application of the latest technology, including Big Data and AI, delivering market leading software solutions. It built on the advantages associated with the Coats brand of trust, expertise, credibility and its global footprint. A key aspect of Coats’ growth strategy is to build an innovative software solutions business for its customers.

The benefit for Coats’ customers was the one stop shop approach and an unrivalled suite of best in class, and progressively integrated solutions, which also adopted the new Coats Digital branding. The series of acquisitions it has made in this space of GSD, FastReact and ThreadSol have been highly successful. Now is the time to simplify the house of multiple software brands through a coordinated market expansion of a portfolio of products to support customers in the face of unprecedented industry pressures.

Fully Automated Spreader Series by Cosma Technology

Continuous improvement of advancements in cutting technology, and the higher expectations of service from its customers lead to the birth of Cosma Technology from Italy. The mission is to build up a strong and long term relationship with its technology’s partners, who are the pioneer leaders in the industry, ready to customize their solutions, over the years Cosma has built up a highly skilled and professional team who are dedicated to develop, customize and support all cutting room solutions in apparel, footwear, furniture, automotive, and aerospace. Given are the details of Cosma Venus Spreader, Labeller and Spreading Table with both options of Conveyor and AirBlowing.

Cosma fully automated spreading and cutting room technology
Cosma Technology provides integrated software and hardware solutions to the customers in fashion & apparel, suit, furniture, shoes, automotive, leather and technical textiles. Its largest range of solutions perfectly integrated and customized to meet the demands in sampling, pre-production and production, Cosma Fully integrated cutting line optimise the production process through RFID, Data Manage system and CDAS (Cutting Data Analysis System), each process is digitally transformed and the results are stored for verify the efficiency and productivity. The company is committed to its clients providing Smart solutions to build smart cutting room. The smart factory concept has been designed under the Industry 4.0 as a future aspect of the manufacturing industry.

VENUS Automatic spreader VENUS
Automatic spreader is the solution to spread fast with accuracy on every kind of material from High elastane to denim, able to handle different materials in apparel, automotive, upholstery, and technical textiles industries. The VENUS 120 model dedicated to spreading, rolls or flat folded of knitwear, sportswear or woven fabrics in open width or zig-zag ways. With VENUS 300 you can easily spread denim or hard materials up to 300 kilos.
The user friendly software on board of the machine, enables the operator to set-up different parameters and spreading profiles, according to the fabric types, and double belt cradle system, free tension device, fabric edge sensors, spiral rollers, ply height detectors and the latest generation of motors, ensure a high spreading quality with or without end catchers. The DCS system onboard helps to monitor productivity, fabric loss, operator performance, and machine efficiency and feedback the production in real-time.

Automatic Cutter Series
Cosma Cutting series is the top of the range and the right solution to cut small, medium and bulk orders with high cutting quality and efficiency. Smart Cutting Series is available at 3, 6 & 8 cm Compressed Height. Smart Series cutters are flexible to cut variety of fabrics from apparel, automotive, shoes, aerospace to furnishing. Cosma Smart cutting series can handle a Variety of fabrics from Natural woven fibres to technical textiles and composites. Thanks to the latest generation of electronics and motors able to deliver the fastest output with high quality with lower energy consumption.

The “Smart moving system” combined with the “intelligent knife system” and the latest digital technology, makes Cosma cutting series a flexible solution that guarantees an high cutting quality, reducing the manpower and operational costs. The “zero buffer” profile and the second vacuum pump ensure a high output productivity with a perfect quality, even to cut the high plies fabrics. Over the last few years, the company has developed the Cosma range of cutting solutions, through a strategic partnership with a prestigious European brand, so that it achieves the goal to increase the quality, productivity and efficiency performances of the cutting processes of its customers.

Avalution presents 3D body scanner

Avalution recently presented its 3D body scanner AVAone and the results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey for the first time in Asia. The CISMA in Shanghai saw Avalution showcase its expertise in the digitalization of the human body for the first time at an Asian trade fair. The company was founded in 2018 as part of the Human Solutions Group.

Avalution also presented its latest 3D body scanning solution – AVAone. Developed especially for use in retail stores and the apparel sector, the scanner completes the range of the company’s body scanners. “For example, AVAone can create an individual body scan in the changing cubicle, a scan which then becomes the basis for customised clothing or a digital fitting,” says Dr. Helga Gaebel, who is responsible for worldwide sales of Avalution’s 3D body scanners. “The AVAone is innovative and just as reliable as our body scanners that we use to measure people for scientific and medical purposes – but it’s much faster and easier to set up and operate.”

Size NorthAmerica results available in iSize
At the CISMA, Avalution also presented the results of its largest measurement survey project to date – Size NorthAmerica – during which around 18,000 people were measured in the USA and Canada. “For the first time, we now have representative data that scientifically confirms the impression that the American population has changed significantly,” says Dr. Gaebel. “The growth in average body length is stagnating, but the average body circumference is increasing. These are the highest average values ever recorded for a BMI (body mass index). Any company which manufactures products for the US market must take that into account.” Size North America’s results are available on the iSize body dimensions portal. The data enables companies to analyze comprehensive information about the physical characteristics of specific target groups and to generate avatars for product development. Avalution makes people digital – and puts them at the heart of product development.

The company has the world’s largest body dimension database containing the body scans of around 100,000 persons. Avalution also carries out measurement surveys and is a leader in the field of body scanning. At the company headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Avalution makes ergonomics and sizing & fitting measurable for product development in various sectors.

Automatic multi-layer cutting machine by Richpeace

Tianjin Richpeace Ai Co., Limited was established in 2006 and went into operation in 2007 which is jointly held by Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Yingning Investment Co., Ltd and Tianjin Samehere Software Co., Ltd. Tianjin Richpeace Ai Co., Limited is located in Baodi Economic Development Park which covers 75.5 thousand sq mtr and 46.9 thousand sq mtr construction area with a total investment of 150 mn RMB.

Automatic 9 cm multi-layer cutting machine Feature
• Aluminum nose which is molded in one body
• Automatic cleaning system (stainless steel filters)
• No need to add lubrication oil, avoid oil contaminating fabrics
• The overall adopts steel structure, more solid and durable
• Cutting Blade change cutting speed automatically, ensure quality of final markers
• 25 years professional software, independent research and development electronic safe and reliable
• With double edge knife and intelligently controls cutting blade’s wear and tear
• Production statistics system, can generate reports and docking ERP/MES system
• Beams of the gear and rack designed to ensure the accuracy of mobile, stability and long life

Hardware: Igus Drag Chain, Omron Cable, BANDO belt, WECO terminals, HIWIN guide rail, Yasukawa control system

• Material of cutting head and beam: The cutting head and the beam are made of aviation grade aluminum alloy material, with advantages of light weight, fast speed and high strength, to improve working efficiency greatly
• Unique front tooth plate design: Improve the smoothness of conveying pieces, reduce the manual auxiliary operations, speed up the receiving operation, greatly improving production efficiency
• Intelligent cutting knife: Auto sharpening device coordinated with the sharp durable alloy knife grins and controls cutter wear automatically, with cutting technology of Ultra High Frequency Vibration knife to avoid problems caused by irregular manual cutting, limited precision of punching machine as well as burned smell by laser cutting machine. Intelligent automatic rotation cutting position and uniform velocity ensure uniform cutting performance and precision
• Soft and hard limit for omnidirectional protection: Real-time test for working of the cutter ensures cutting process in a safe and high-efficient way.

Hot air sealing machines by H&H

H&H Asia Group Ltd. was established in 1993, and hence has over 24 years of experience for thermoplastic technology on seam sealing and adhesive film applications. It is specialised in thermoplastic technology for sew free production. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of seam sealing (Hot Air machines). It offers the machines from basic to advanced technology with industry 4.0 and AI – detailed models. It is also known as bonding experts in this industry by offering ultrasonic, laydown, smart bonding machines.

AI-108 Hot Air Sealing Machine
Intelligent solution
• Applicable to 4-28mm width tape (Standard version): 4-28mm
• Applicable to stretch fabric
• Applicable to all types of waterproof
• Reinforcing, and decorative tape
• Statistical tape usage
• Customized software
• Customized attachment according to different applications

Highlighting features
• Standard digital tape tensioner device
• Differential speed top/bottom roller
• Extremely short nozzle action, quick response
• Automatic fixed length mode
• Colour touch screen interface
• Ergonomic design
• Multi-language support
• Build-in software locking, data protecting

AI-101L Hot Air Sealing Machine
Intelligent solution
• Applicable to 50mm width tape
• Applicable to stretch fabric
• Applicable to all types of waterproof
• Reinforcing, and decorative tape
• Statistical tape usage
• Customized software
• Customized attachment according to different applications

Highlighting features
• Standard digital tape tensioner device
• Differential speed top/bottom roller
• 3D electronic nozzle positioning system 3D
• Automatic fixed length mode
• Digital air pressure display
• Colour touch screen interface
• Ergonomic design
• Multi-language support
• Data memory bank
• Data memory upgradable
• Data locking and protecting

Robotech presents latest sewing automations

Robotech A.G. is an Istanbul based company and a leading developer and manufacturer of sewing automation for the apparel industry which started its journey back in 1997. Given are some of its latest technologies:

D-FA 320-P Feed of the Arm Automat
It is for denim and sports trousers is a brand new automat, which is specially designed and programmed to work better on the back rise section of the denim trousers with extra-stretch fabrics. This model minimizes the risk of waving (Puckering) effect between the needles on such extra stretch fabrics. The machine also allows perfect stitching without loose stitches on the cross joints on thick fabrics since the machine is equipped with a special foot and a height sensor which allows the special programming of the machine to temporarily increase the pressure on the foot when the rise over the cross joint is sensed.

LB6000 – Care Label Book Making Automat with Ultrasonic Cutting System
It is another new fully automated station for gathering and sewing of the care labels from rolls. The cutting mechanism on this automat is with the new ultrasonic cutting system. The ultrasonic cutting system melts the fibres within the fabric by mechanical action only (hammering), enabling a very clean and flexible cutting without any burning or colour change. The automat is also capable of folding the (selected) labels and then stitches all labels together on a Brother bartacking head. The station can be ordered with 4, 6 and even 8 heads of Rolls and folding device/s can be inserted on any head at production. Another advantage is that it can operate with all kinds of care label fabrics (paper, satin, nylon or any mixture of these). The greatest advantage is that in brings an operation of 6-8 labour operation down to less than 1 operator because the system requires manual intervention only to change the thread bobbing and the rolls of care-labels when finished.

D-BF-410 Felt Feeding under Bartack Automat
It is another new machine developed based on the needs of the customers. Because recently the stitches on the back-pocket corners and at the edges of the belt loops damages the extra stretch (high elastan contented) fabrics during washing. In response the manufacturers began using small cut felt or same fabric pieces placed under the bartack stitches. However, this operation led to extra manpower and time causing extra cost as well as inconsistencies. Automation means minimum human intervention and fewer errors which result in better quality and higher productivity. These factors also lead to less rejected garments and therefore saving cost and time simultaneously. Second, less number of people performing an operation also leads to saving in labour costs involved. Thirdly, automats require very little training because they are very easy to operate thanks to the graphic based colour touch-screen panels we use on almost all our automats. The high complexity tasks are normally preferred to be carried by skilled operators that means higher cost associated with the higher skilled. Most automated machinery can be operated by less skilled workers which help cut costs.

Koru also adds that ‘Robotech A.G is always striving to find new, more efficient ways through which it can best contribute to the development of the garments manufacturing industry. It is capable of achieving this with a strong R&D team which is continuously working to find innovations and improvements.

Pegasus presents its latest sewing solutions

Pegasus (Tianjin) Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. from Osaka, Japan has recently introduced AT/DD3A and DDM series, but also the most suitable machine for sewing sportswear, which industry has grown up dramatically these days. In addition, it has automatic machines and optional devices, which contribute to labour-saving and quality improvement.

M900/AT/DD3A Series MX/AT/DD3A Series

• Overedgers equipped with automatic tape/thread chain cutter (AT), automatic presser foot lift (PL), pneumatic waste collector (LC) Only the AT8F has a pneumatic waste collector (LC).
• Equipped with operation panel type controller, so frequently used functions, such as setting machine speed, number of stitches for the AT device and similar functions, can be called up and set immediately. In addition, the machine stops automatically.
• There are two types of AT devices, electric type (AT6F) and pneumatic type (AT8F).
• PEGASUS’ original built-in direct drive motor is employed. Therefore, these series ensure quality and safety.
• The motor and the machine are unified, so setting up is easy.
Machines that have PEGASUS’ original built-in type direct drive motor. The company exhibited a lot of sewing machines with built-in type direct drive motor as follows.

D222/D232 series (overedgers) * D322/D332 series (interlock stitch machines)

• PEGASUS’ original built-in type motor is employed, so safety as well as quality is assured. You can use PEGASUS’ machines at ease.
• The motor and the machine are unified, so setting up each machine is easy.
• Increasing airtightness inside the motor provides additional safety. Furthermore, with no coupling, power is conveyed directly to the machine.
• Featuring energy saving and high power contributes to the increase of productivity.


The FS700P series equipped with a right and left independent differential feed adjustment mechanism Oil Barrier type, 4-needle, feed-off-the-arm, interlock stitch machine for flatseaming.
• Seaming on functional fabrics that have varying degrees of stretchability, such as mesh fabrics and stretchable fabrics that are employed for sportswear and similar garments.
• The differential feed ratio can be adjusted separately, in order to respond to operations in which the machine is used to sew right- and left-hand side fabrics that have varying degrees of stretchability such as mesh fabrics and stretchable fabrics, and/or curved lines.
• The operator can handle the right- and left-hand side fabrics easily, without worrying about the different stretchability. The LaRgo achieves uniformly and beautifully finished products, regardless of the skill of the operator. These features reduce the operator’s burden drastically, and also help increase productivity.
•Thanks to the air-controlled presser foot pressure (PP3A), the uniform and minimum possible presser foot pressure is always achieved according to the fabric and fabric weight being used.
• Thanks to the air-controlled engagement pressure of the knives, the engagement pressure is reduced, compared to conventional knives. This feature dramatically increases the durability of the knives.

Master your production line with Jack IoT system

Through Jack IoT (Internet of Things) user can accomplish the seamless link between pre-sewing and sewing. All the Jack IoT sewing machines can realize the intelligent communication with products through built-in costeffective wireless communication technology. Based on this, Jack IoT machine can effectively collect and process the production data for user’s factory information systems. In this way, users can easily realize the guidance visualization and flexibility of process guidance, and the efficiency of the multivariety batch production can be improved as well.

Usages of Jack IoT machines have various benefits. With IoT user can expect reduction in labour cost, increase in data collection efficiency, and traceability of the manufacturing process. When you are out of factory or temporarily unable to contact with production manager, you still can remotely control the overall situation by your mobile phone, whether for adjusting the process and custom parameters in batches, or instructing workers accordingly.

What’s more? Through Jack IoT service users can quickly find out the low efficiency work station in their production line and do workers exchange to make the production process more economical and effective, and have transparent production process to make it possible for users to acknowledge their core orders status wherever required.

Achieve maximum productivity with consistent quality with JUKI

JUKI has achieved continuous growth by offering the highest quality products and services to the world’s industries ever since its establishment in 1938. The driving force behind its development was the belief that “everything is for our customers.” JUKI will press ahead in its challenge to innovate while sticking to its DNA of evolution and reformation as a global company serving customers in 180 countries all over the world.

JUKI advances its activities to create the most suitable factories by making innovative efforts to solve the various problems a customer faces, through the further evolution and systemization of products and IoT. As a pioneer in industrial sewing machine manufacturer it has come up with smart sewing solution in order to achieve maximum productivity with consistent quality. This is only possible by introducing digital machines along with atomization.

Digitalization: JUKI’s Digital Sewing Machines can respond actively to changes in sewing items and materials. These sewing machines are capable of digitalizing “seam” adjustment functions and setting parameters can be stored as a pattern. The data after adjustment can be transferred through tablet or mobile with a dedicated app (application program) to other sewing machines. The same setting can be shared to other factories which are running with same style in order to attain same quality seam. This will help the factories reduction of machine setting time during line set-up. It has total line of 12 Models of digital sewing machines:

• DDL-9000C- 1 Needle Lock stitch MC
• LK-1900BN- Computer controlled Bartacking MC.
• LK-Computer controlled button sewing mc.
• LBH-1790AN- Computer controlled Buttonholing mc.
• LH-4500C Series- 2-needle Lockstitch Sewing System
• LZ-2290C: Zigzag Stitching
• MS-1261A/DWS: FOA MC
• MEB-3900: Eyelet Buttonholing
• LU-2800V-7: Unison-feed 1, 2-needle lockstitch
• LS-2328V-7: Cylinder-bed, Unison-feed1-needle lockstitch
• PLC-2700V-7:Post-bed, Unison-feed 1, 2-needle lockstitch
• AMS-221F: Computer controlled Cycle Machine

Automization: Due to the raise in global competition factories are required to reduce their manufacturing cost and to support them JUKI is coming up all new range of automatic machines which will help them process cost reduction. Apart from cost reduction there are benefits like consistent quality and reduced rejection rate as there is no manual intervention. There is consistent increase use of automatic machine in apparel sector compared to last year. And it has customers using all our automatic machines in apparel, knits as well as non-apparel. Juki’s automatic sewing machines are PS-700, MOL-254, AMS-210EN, DDL-9000C WITH JANET (IoT).

Systemization: An IoT based system capable of performing connects all of the machines in a network. JUKI meets customer demands by proposing line solutions to overcome production challenges using innovative, high-precision technologies under the “Smart Solutions” slogan. Equipment data such as operation information on individual sewing machines is visualized in real time, analyzed and used for production improvements, speedy response and Operator education. The real time production monitoring system will help the production team to identify the bottle neck process in a real time so that the action can be taken on time. It helps the factories to avoid production delay due to the incorrect data or not getting report in a real time. JUKI’s Smart factory approach will help apparel makers to compete in global market as it is important to go for a higher productive factory as labour cost & scarcity for skilled labour is increasing in India.

Pocket welting sewing unit made by Dürkopp Adler

For perfect quality pocket openings with zipper in all kind of difficult materials, Dürkopp Adler introduces the pocket welting unit’s class 755 A and 756 A now with a programmable needle feed. With the classes 755 A and 756 A up to 80 percent faster processing of pocket openings with zipper can be achieved compared to manual production. This option includes zipper scissors with unwinding device, folder guide lift and transport gripper for displacement-free attaching of endless zippers without slider. The max.sewing length is 180mm with pocket bags and 200mm without additional parts.

Special features from this device

• Special folder with improved zipper attachment from the top
• Transport gripper for displacement free attaching of the zipper in the seam beginning
• Automatic lifting from both folder-guiding plates allows distortion free inserts from pipings and pocket bags on top and under the zipper
• Automatic lifting from both folder-guiding plates allows distortion free inserts from pipings and pocket bags on top and under the zipper.

Latest Automatic Sewing Machines by Hikari

Hikari is located in an area of 200,000 sq.m in Shanghai, China with yearly production of 300,000 sets. The company works closely with all its global agents to bring more value to customers. At GTE 2020, Hikari will bring 20 sets machines to join with India Agent HCA. Among the 20 sets machines, all are with the new technology and the smart technology.

Hikari computerized super high speed overlock machine is one of the best machines in all the Hikari products. It is the first brand in the world to create the sensor. It has a strong R&D team to create the automatic machines. During this GTE exhibition, Hikari will display some of the automatic machines. Like the neck-rib machines and the knit pocket setter. Hikari Neck-rib machines, so far in the world, it is the most widely sewing area automatic neck -rib machines. Max can reach 100 cm and min can do 28 cm; Hikari auto knit pocket setter: High Efficiency and Quality, Reaching 3 Traditional Operation Productivity.

HX688T – Computer Direct Drive Intelligent Super High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine
Cloud overlock sewing machine – Extreme quality, speed up again

• Full-colour touch screen user interface
• Rear puller roller device for selection
• 4 models of intelligent sewing for options

Main highlights:
• Hikari cloud technology: Remote date transferring function enables the remote monitoring
• Intelligent identification of fabrics: Sensitive sense, higher recognition, added light source filter to avoid interference and wear
• Internal and external dust collection system: The patented internal dust collecting device can automatically remove the cloth scraps inside the machine, making the production cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
• New integration upgrade: Integrated design, improve hardware and software performance and sewing quality.

HSAT-K4 (Description Auto (Knit Woven) Pocket setter)
High efficiency and quality, Reaching 3 traditional operation productivity

• Improved mold adjusting system
• One-button start, higher efficiency
• Auto collection clean and tidy
• Water separator, air pressure alarm
• Emergency switch
• Multi working modes for option

Main highlights:
• Hikari innovation pocket folding technology: Ensure the flat and beautiful stitches for the thick, thin, elastic, soft fabric etc.
• Automatic transfer and adjustable mold: Auto sewing, mold more applicable
• Quick mold changing increase the efficiency: It only takes 40min. to change the compete mold

HAST-K9-1A (Auto Neck Joining Machine)
Semi-automatic neck RIB machine with wide sewing range

• Newly designed collar stabilizing technology
• Auto foot lifter, thread trimming and lint collection
• Automatic memory function
• Automatic and manual layer arbitrary switch
• By changing some parts, it can realize the function of installing waistband semi- automatically (Optional)

Main highlights:
• Expand the sewing range up to 100 cm, and the minimum sewing range up to 28 cm
• No need to recut the collar to avoid waste
• Three positioning functions: Automatic positioning of neck joining part, cloth edge and layering, precise and accurately improve sewing quality.

Single Needle Lock Stitch and Overlock series of machines by Bruce

Bruce Sewing Machine Company from China, a member of Jack holding group is introducing Single Needle Lock Stitch (R5S) and Overlock (X5S) series of machines. The patented designed lockstitch and overlock series can stitch light weight fabrics to extra heavy fabrics without changing any spare parts for conversion of machines. These German designed machines are helpful for exporter/Fabricators for stitching any kind of fabric without changing parts. The inventory of machines will come down and the packing problems in light weight will come to an end.

R5S – Anti Float-Stitch Computerized Lockstitch Machine
• Sewing modes from light to heavy material, easy to adjust, anti-float stitches, short remaining thread
• Two modes can be adjust mechanically, suitable for light to heavy materials
• Finishing sewing without remaining thread, no need of extra trimming
• Auto thread Trimming, auto reverse, auto presser foot lifter and electronic thread tension are equipped as standard
• A: For light material, M: For medium material, H: For heavy material

X5S – High Speed Power Saving Overlock Machine
• Easy operation, high efficiency
• German technology, stable and durable
• Factory reset
• H/M: Wide range for light to heavy material, KS: Vertical pneumatic chain cutter. KH: Horizontal pneumatic chain cutter. Total volume: 525x360x630 (mm), total weight 28/39(kg)

From sewing functions to sewing solutions by SiRUBA

SiRUBA has recently developed products in six areas: Sewing Automation, Overlock, Interlock, Multi-needle double chainstitch, Lockstitch, Advanced function, totally 28 machines.

Sewing Automation
Elastic Waistband Workstation: The company launched a new series of waistband solutions for knit wear such as boxer brief, sports tights and sports shorts. With automatic waistband solutions, garment factory is able to deal with various waistband applications according to major brands’ requirements. The operator can operate more than one machine in the same standing corner with ease. The intuitive user interface and quick settings features are both leading to quick change over and better production efficiency with flexibility.

Rib Knit Band and Sports Wear: Overlock machine equipped with extending roller set, the company presented the tubular sewing with rib-knit band, especially for collar, cuffs, and bottom hemming. Semi-Auto Three-Strip Attaching ASV-ATS100A is equipped with tape feeding, sensor-control cutting, and make sure of the tension balance between fabric and tape to improve the yield rate and efficiency.

Interlock: The company exhibited the brand new cylinder bed interlock machine C007L series by standard type with CR right edge trimmer and dry-head type C007LX with thread trimmer. The current C007K is upgraded to be C007K Plus series (C007KP), which works more smoothly with better oil lubrication controlled. Flatbed type F007K with FNC sensor controlled rear cutter. Small cylinder bed S007K series is added with new function, SRL Left edge trimmer. And the ultra-small cylinder bed (perimeter 130cm), U007, is shown too.

Overlock: 700L Series has 2 extended models: 700LX is dry head model, which has oilfree mechanism design in needle bar and looper. 700LQ is compact model, which is integrated with motor and control box. Cylinder bed type 737KS blind stitch hemming has new hemming guide with autolifting function. Meanwhile, it showed the excellent performance 757L-X3 heavy duty overlock machine.

Multi-needle double chainstitch: Cylinder bed type VC008 Series is upgraded as VC008A and VC008B. A model is connecting rod type transmission mechanism, which has high penetration on needle bar, suitable for 12-needle and thick fabric sewing. B model is belt type transmission mechanism, which has high speed, suitable for 4~6 needles waist band or 3-strip attaching. HF008A upgraded series is equipped with JD auto-skip stitch function and PMP angle-adjustable rear puller, suitable for jeans waistband sewing. NC008 has needle-feed function, which is the high end model for jeans waistband sewing.

Lockstitch: DL7200 upgraded model B version has dualmoving knife thread trimmer and sealed oil tank. The sewing starts without bird nest, and finishes with short thread end. Brand new DL7400 Series is the advanced model, which has the stepper motor driven feed dog mechanism to ensure a better sewing performance. Overlock 700L Series has 2 extended models: 700LX is dry head model, which has oilfree mechanism design in needle bar and looper. 700LQ is compact model, which is integrated with motor and control box. Cylinder bed type 737KS blind stitch hemming has new hemming guide with auto-lifting function.

Advanced function: SiRUBA electronic control technology is upgraded, and it launched ABS auto-brake system, which can slow down at crossing over the stick join area, and stop at the time of thread breaking. The excellent braking ability ensures the machine slowing-down from 5000 RPM to 500 RPM during 0.05 second, which avoids the trouble of needlebreaking or stitch skip, and provides strong feeding at slow speed to improve the production efficiency and safety. Applicable to all series machines and the company exhibited it by C007K in this show. Sense the thickness and then slow down.

Yamato presents solutions for recent demands in “Automation

It looks that the industry has started to find out limitation and inconvenience in using “Automated Sewing Unit,” especially for assembly of knitted garments. On the other hand, various “Challenges” in the apparel manufacturing, such as soring production-related costs, unavailability of skilled hands, and increasing demands for quality and function of garments, stays the same. Yamato recently presented unique and practical solutions, which have been developed for deskilling sewing operations, while enhancing productivity and quality, such as…

UTQ Automatic Thread Trimmer with Advanced Anti-unravel Function
A function to minimise risk for seam unravelling has been added on automatic thread trimmer of Yamato’s cylinderbed coverseam machine VG, VGS series. The function provides various advantages throughout apparel supply chain. The device works as the thread trimmer works and makes a kind of knot at the end of seam, which minimizes the risk for seam unravelling from the end! Thanks to the feature, there is a possibility to eliminate tacking from overlapped part and it brings a lot of advantages:
• Better outlook, function and comfort for consumers and apparel buyers
• Great saving, such as labour, equipment, energy, material and risk for needle breakage, for factories

In addition to 2/3 needle coverseam, the device also works on 401 stitch and further improvement in efficiency in operations like contour seam of trousers can be expected. Several apparel buyers have been introduced the feature and enjoying various advantages brought by tacking-free coverseam, and some more to come.

EZH-B Semi-Automatic Workstation for Circular Hemming Operation
The workstation dramatically diskillize one of the most critical operations in assembly of knitwear, and help unskilled operators to catch up the productivity of skilful operator within a very short period of time, while ensuring incomparable quality of finished garments. With the help of “EZ (=easy)” hemming device, operators are free from “controlling” the hem by their right hands. Also, supreme sewing machine head, equipped with Variable Top/Bottom Feeder and Active Thread Control Technology, ensures “Pressed-like” twist/pucker-free flat finish as well as ultra-high seam elasticity. Furthermore, the workstation is equipped with Automatic Thread Trimmer with Advanced Anti-Unravel Function for tacking-free overlap.

NB Electronic Button/Counter Button Sewer & Neck Wrapper
Truly versatile button sewer for men’s and lady’s tailored garments. The machine can attach Flat, Shank and Marble buttons with Neatly Uplight Neck Wrapping. Also, the machine can sew Flat Button with Counter Button, then neck-wrapping in a Single Cycle. And conversion from “Button Sewing/Neck Wrapping mode” to “Button & Counter Button Sewing/Neck Wrapping mode” takes only a minute with least skill. Thanks to 7-axis control and language-free graphic user interface on large colour LCD controller, change of setting is quite easy and intuitive.

YMH Seam Opening Machine
Introduction of narrow ladder seam for undergarments, athleisure wears etc. might be giving headache to stitching floor as well as buyers and consumers.
• Lower productivity due to very short stitch length plus manual seam opening operation
• Workers’ health issues, as manual seam opening may cause wrist ache
• Uneven opening and fingermarks, which damage outlook of finished garments

Yamato YMH-200 mechanized the seam opening operation for increased productivity, less loads to the workers, and far better garment quality. The machine can also open overlock blind hemming seam and free the operators from whipping the work after the stitching.

Compact Embroidery Machine by TAJIMA

Since its foundation in 1944, TAJIMA is building a trustworthy relationship with its customers by offering them high technology and elaborate service. What we have strictly adhered to until now is “to use our inventiveness to attain our unattained goals and to keep providing world-class products along with world class service.” TAJIMA, has provided over 3,000 embroidery machine models to customers in over 100 countries around the world. One of the latest innovation by TAJIMA is its SAI Compact Embroidery Machine. It has outstanding quality and durability of industrial embroidery machines, condensed into a compact body. Bring colour to your business with SAI, the model that offers high quality finishing with production power.

• Capable of professional quality finish using 8 colours: With SAI, it is possible to embroider designs with threads of up to 8 colours, just like that. Its layout makes it easy to change threads. With a structure that inherits the high performance of industrial embroidery machines, fine lines and wide areas can also be beautiful embroidery.
• Easy operation using a touch panel: Even those new to the art of embroidery will quickly pick up on how to use the touch panel to prepare the machine to embroider.
• Exceptionally fast: SAI can complete 800 stitches a minute. It can maintain this high speed during stitching.
• “TAJIMA Writer PLUS “can easily convert hand drawn artwork into embroidery data: You can easily make original items by combining lettering with an existing design. Connecting SAI to a computer, allow you to send the embroidery data directly to the machine. (TAJIMA Writer PLUS OS: 64- bit computer and on/after WINDOWS 7).
• Lettering can be selected on the operation panel.
• Enter the letters on the operation panel, the embroidery data can be generated on the machine. There are 3 different sizes for each font.

Automatic Industrial sewing machines by IMB

IMB is based out of China. It is providing world class Customised Automatic Industrial sewing machines. Below are its some of the main products:

MB1002F Automatic Denim Pocket setter Single Needle / MB1002F-2 Automatic Denim Pocket setter Double Needle
• Creasing-free one time folding mechanism
• Bartack reinforcement function optional
• Auto-folding, auto-feeding, auto-sewing, autostacking mechanism
• Apply to varieties of different pocket shapes
• Quick jig changing mechanism
• New program quick designing system

MB6004B – Automatic Beltlooper
• Automatic loop loading, loop cutting, loop attaching mechanism
• Joint detection mechanism
• New program quick designing operation system
• Easy touch screen

MB1002B – Automatic Shirt Pocket Setter 1 Needle
• Creasing-free one time folding mechanism
• Innovative new operation system, easy program mechanism, easy jig change mechanism
• Auto-folding, auto-feeding, auto-sewing, autostacking mechanism
• Apply to varieties of different pocket shapes • Work skill unneeded

MB5009A – Automatic sleeve placket setter
• Left sleeve placket & right sleeve placket can be both made on this machine, no any physical change involved
• Innovative new operation system, easy program mechanism, easy jig change mechanism
• Work skills unneeded
• Match up with placket creaser together using IMB provides complete automatic technology for Shirts, jeans & trouser manufacturing. An automatic machine gives great advantage of productivity & consistency. It increases productivity while reducing your labour cost and saves your time.

Supreme presents automatic sewing solutions

Founded in December 2006, Ningbo Supreme Electronic Machinery Inc. is already a world renowned award winning Technology Company that engages in the development, production, sales and service of automatic sewing machines, and other automation solutions. The company strives to provide customers with the most efficient machines to maximize productivity and cost savings in their manufacturing processes.

Jeans Series SP-430-105APW – Automatic Loop Attaching Machine
As the machine is installed with high-speed lockstitch sewing head, it is suitable for all kinds of belt loop. Adopting airflow magnet valve and oil-free cylinder, it could prevent noise and oil contamination. Automatic device carries the belt loop under the needle, which protect the hand from hurt, so you can operate safely.
• Single-needle flat seam
• Highest sewing speed 2,700 rpm
• (XXY) Sewing area Normal length: 42-80 mm Width: 10-20 mm
• Cloth feeding mode: Intermittent feeding Pulse motordrive mode
• Needle length 0.05-12.7 mm
• Max. Needles number 5000 needles/1 pattern
• Work clamp height: Max.20 mm
• Weight 120 kg
• Power: Single phase 200-240V

Garment Automation SP-1790B-S/K/SL (Flat Buttonhole Sewing Machine)
Automatic production
• Multifunction operation control panel
• New pulling thread- slacking device (National Patent)
• Oil-free clean sewing
• Simple and convenient operation, simple and accurate positioning
• New lower thread and upper thread cutting device (National patent)
• Lower noise and malfunction of cutting knife
• Improve stability and efficiency
• Motor pressing, stable and accurate material stitching
• Convenient operation
• Lower temperature and avoid wrong position

Full-auto template sewing machine
• Scope of application: Designed for saving labor, the intelligent template sewing machine “is capable of doing what others are unable to accomplish.” It adopts the intelligent closed-loop control system, suitable for sewing products with particularly complicated patterns. It ensures stable and standard stitches of products as well as the precisely same patterns through computer control, which fundamentally changes the sewing process, and greatly increases the yield and quality
• Pioneering oil supply system (basic type): Innovative oil supply structure, stable oil supply power and flexible adjustment
• Intelligent mid presser: Enable jumping sewing of materials with different thickness, with the maximum follow up stroke at 7mm
• Screw rod drive system: Precision industrial-grade drive system
• Intelligent closed-loop sewing system: The closedloop sewing system enable the real-time monitoring of input and receiving signals during sewing, the intelligent feedback on operation status, and automatic adjustment of the control system

SP-9811 Snap Button Machine
Performance & characteristics
• Adopt pneumatic punching nail, high efficiency, energy saving, stable and easy operation
• Widely applicable to garment, leather, shoe, craft., etc. industries, can use for various type buttons: Rivet, snap button, eyelet., etc.
• Upper and lower button feeding at the same time, foot pedal controller, hand protective device, it makes button more accurate and safety
• Using universal button mold to decrease replacing cost
• Button rail can be adjusted according to button size, ensure the stability of button feeding • Speed 4-6 times faster.

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 in India by Wilcom International

In 1979 Wilcom’s founders shared a vision for automating the embroidery industry that has changed the way people create and produce embroidered goods. A global organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Wilcom has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions and apparel decoration. With a reputation for excellence, Wilcom has become the world’s favourite embroidery software for quality, productivity, ease-of-use and service.

Today, Wilcom is present in over 100 countries with products in over 12 languages and has a global community of more than 250,000 licensed customers. Wilcom International is launching EmbroideryStudio e4.5 in India at the GTE 2020 show. The highlights of the new software version are some intricate new stitch types:

• Maze Fill – that will be particularly useful for Indian fashion designs as it does not cross the lines, does not jump (therefore very suitable for cording, metallic thread designs) and will reduce the digitizing time of complex shapes dramatically as now the designers do not need to worry about editing connecting stitches
• Hand Stitch – This new feature can vary the regular stitches, so that they look as if they were made by hand and therefore increases the perceived value of the final garment
• Wilcom is introducing the third method to convert a photo to embroidery! The new method is called “Reef” Photo Stitch, the word refers to the look of the Coral Reef underwater
• EmbroideryStudio e4.5 introduces a range of support of special embroidery embellishment devices
• Quad Sequin Support – now also allows the so called Sandwich sequin, Flip sequin, and a true Sequin Stipple Fill
• To bring the embroidery Factory into the 21st Century, Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4.5 now introduces EmbroideryHUB a Wifi machine network management feature with the newly designed
• EmbroideryConnect devices. No need to manually copy designs to machines, no mistakes, no confusion, design security is ensured and intellectual property of the company is protected. Further, Wilcom has added about 360 smaller technical improvements to the software. In 2020, Wilcom and IIGM are celebrating their 25 Years of partnership in India and more than 5,000 software.

Automatic sequin punch press machine and Bling machine by Technics

Technics Engineering Co. is working harder to leading the textile industry with superior products. It has developed many kinds of automatic machines related with the textile machinery so far. Taking advantages of this experience, it has developed ASPSeries. The company is doing our best to improve the quality of products constantly based on research and advanced technology.

Automatic Sequin Punch Press Machine
Don’t use pneumatic
ASP-series use electricity.
Peripheral devices such as air compressor are not required
Maximum 1,000 RPM
Production will increase from high speed of machine
6 colours of sizes
ASP-series are equipped 6 press unit. Using a variety of colours or sizes can make design Press Unit of the square shape has been launched
Easy operation and convenient function
Easy operation of the machine, and has a convenience functions to work. (Automatic setting to scope of work, Off-Set & Origin-Set, reverse & rotary of design etc.)
Creativity of Spangle motif
ASP-series create new spangle motif.
The existing spangles have a hole in the centre, but ASP-series is no hole in the centre.
Available design software
• Sierra HOTFIX Era is enabling to make a variety of designs and input.
• Provide the design input program (ASP-Read)
• Any kind of design made by embroidery punching programs (.DST/.DSB) is compatible with our machine. User can make any design with R-Wear Studio Program

Spangle Elite – Compact, profitable, show stopper bling machine
Convenient operation by the computer: The machine can be operated more conveniently by using a computer to operate. Users can check the progress of the work by a computer screen.

One touch change the press unit: Users can change the Press unit by one touch and installation of the material is very convenient. Users can make design using various colours of sizes.

The cassette type spangle tape; exclusive use for plot spangle machine: Supplied is an exclusive cassette type spangle. Spangle cassettes can be quickly and conveniently changed.
• Working speed: (RPM) 450 ~ 900RPM
• Working space: X: 500mm/Y:300-500mm, free
• Colours and sizes: 1 colour – 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
• Electricity: Single Phase 220V (50~60Hz)
• Machine size: 760* 600* 300* mm
• Machine weight: 25 kg

Ramsons focusing on Sustainable Thinking

From the last 6 decades Ramsons is a pioneer and leader in the manufacturing of all Modern day Garment Manufacturing Equipment’s and other corelated equipment’s. It has 3 state-of-the-art production facilities based in-and-around Bangalore in South India and have the widest sales and service set-up in sub-continent of India, with overseas offices in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Africa, Italy, Egypt etc.

Ramsons Equipment and Turkey Solutions have been on the path of sustainable thinking over 5 years being environmentally responsible means that every machine we produce, has to consume less water and energy. It puts its best minds at work to build and upgrade its machine to conserve its natural resources. We’ve infused ground-breaking technology into every machine we make resulting in highefficiency, environmental responsible products.

Having achieved “reduced water consumption” Ramsons products also ensure reduced chemical consumption steam and ETP load. Some of its Sustainable Products: Go Green (Nano Technology), Mayin 3 in 1(Ozone / Nano/ Low Liquor Process), Ozonator, Laser Tex Machine, Jet Spray Vertostar, Converized Drier.

Go Green (Nano Technology)
Conventional technologies seek the utilization of huge amounts of water and chemicals during the process of fabric finishing. The quantity of discharge produced whilst this procedure is also high and harmful. Inspite of the ill-effects, these procedures have remained untouched since decades due to lack of a reliable alternative. The latest innovation of Ramsons-Go Green Technology is a greener and earth-friendlier alternative for the fabric finishing and is undoubtedly an innovation for the future.

Special features
• Water savings up to 95 percent
• Chemical saving more than 60 percent
• Zero discharge
• No cost of E-Fluent treatment
• No extractor needed
• This unit can be connected to existing washer Processes
• Softening • Enzyme (Denim & Non Denim) • Garment dyeing • Resins

Mayin 3 in 1(Ozone / Nano/ Low Liquor Process)
All in one sample processing machine Ramsons has designed and manufactured a compact sample washing machine for development of samples to meet the customers demand and latest trends of apparels industry. It is fully automatic washing machine with inbuilt ozone generator & also equipped with Nano spray technology. This machine is equipped with latest PLC to store the program required for all type washing & special effects on garments and fabric samplers
Ozone: The machine has inbuilt Ozone generator controlled by PLC and also Ozone destructor as per compliance. It is also supplied with Ozone leak detector & Ozone analyzer. Nano Spray Technology: Ramsons Go-Green is an inbuilt feature of this machine. This has a high pressure pump with spray nozzle to create fine mist. This process reduces the consumption of water chemical beside increases sustainability of the industry.
Ramsons Ozone generator is manufactured with latest German Technology which produced high concentration ozone
• High concentration ozone generator with modular design for better safety and trouble free running
• Fully automatic control system with PLC. Can store up to 100 programs and easy to operate
• Modular design of the ozone generator can run produce the ozone independently and provision to switch off modules when lower capacity is required
• Vent ozone destructor with both heating and catalytic convertor for faster disintegration of ozone.
• Skid mounted oxygen concentrator to produce high purity oxygen
• Increased safety features with additional leak detectors for the ozone generator
• Total turnkey support for installation as per the compliance. Will provide the safety norms with the layout drawing and assist in installation

Laser Tex Machine

• Accuracy of the laser is 100 percent due to projector system and synchronization between projector and conveyor.
• The same machine can be used for garments (All Types including Trousers, Shirts, Shorts, Skirts, Knitwear, etc…) and fabric rolls.
• One tube with cover the full garment without the need to mix laser tubes for the same garment they while preventing change in intensity as is the case with many other laser manufactures
• The conveyor can be used individually or both as the process demands.
• The Laser tube is from M/s Coherent USA.
• The Marca full graphics interface (Software + Dongle key for supervisor access + TCP/IP Cable) is provided.
• 1000 free design package (Whiskers, Hot Spots, Chevrons, Scrapping and vintage effects, Destroyers, Brushing effects etc.) are provided.

Jet Spray Vertostar
• Variable speed inverter drive with 6-40rpm for Washing and 80-120rpm for extraction
• This machine has a microprocessor based programmer to control different cycles of the dyeing programmer like timing, temperature, dosing etc.,
• Controlled indirect heating and cooling system. The machine will have stainless steel (SS) heat exchanger coil for both heating and cooling with pneumatically operated control valves, the heating gradient can be programmed through the PLC up to 6 degree per minute. This system can also be programmed for controlled cooling of liquor bath
• Two tank dosing system consisting fully SS tank fitted with stirrer. These tanks are provided with water inlet and pneumatically operated valves and SS pump for dosing. It is also supplied with level sensors which are controlled by the PLC for progressive and digressive dosing
• This machine has specially designed wedges to ensure minimum beating of the garment. This feature will allow the garments to oscillate in the water without any beating
• This machine is supplied with imported water flow meter to ensure exact quantity of water to be filled into the machine which is controlled by the programmer. Also the machine is fitted with a visual level indicator to check the water liquor level during the process
• The machine is provided with dual drain which can be opened depending on the process cycle. This feature can be used for water reuse thereby reducing the ETP capacity
• This machine has 2nos of pneumatically operated valves for water inlet. Additional water inlet can be provided as optional feature
• This machine is provided with PH testing port and sampling port on the main door.

FZY presents World’s Fastest Pearl Fixing Machine

Zhejiang FZY Machinery Co., Ltd is one of professional ultrasonic rhinestone hotfix machine manufacturer in the world. Established in 2007, and located at Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang Province, China, the company is involved in rhinestone hot-fix research and development, manufacturing and sales. Till 2010 it was mainly into domestic market sales, but after 2010 it started focusing on international market. After successfully catering to the market in China, it successfully established itself in international market. The company recently launched world’s fastest Automatic Pearl Fixing Machine. Given are some of its features:

• Working Power Supply: AC220V 50/60Hz
• Working Pressure: 0.5 MPa
• Single head energy consumption: 5W Static, 600KW Dynamic
• Speed: >350 per minute
• Size of rhinestone: 4mm-10mm optional
• Number of colours: Two
• Packing Size: 790mm x 800mm x 1150mm
• Weight: 350 Kg
• Working width: 1.6 Mtr.
• Suitable for embroidery fabric, net fabric, velvet fabric, etc.
• Automatic colour change: Can run two colour
or two size pearl at same time
• Multiple languages are supported

16 head digital inkjet printer by ColorJet

ColorJet India Ltd, the largest manufacturer of digital inkjet printers in India, markets its products in 25 countries worldwide. Over 4,000 ColorJet printers are in operation around the world, across India, Middle East, Australia and Europe and the company keeps its presence strong, by exhibiting at various international platforms like ITMA Asia, Shanghaitex, DTG- Bangladesh, ITMA-Barcelona, etc.

The Vastrajet is an established winner. Over the last several years it has fulfilled one purpose without fail – ensure a quick ROI on investment. How is this achieved, customer after customer? Some key factors that make it an optimised profitmaking investment are:
• Robust and simple printing system
• Adaptable to multiple fabric styles
• Superior printing accuracy with minimal maintenance needs
• Outstanding performance with increased productivity

With the introduction of 16 head version, the industries favourite digital inkjet printer, Vastrajet has become an even more attractive investment. From the most basic of print designs on home furnishings to high fashion wear, success has become a habit. It is one machine that has stood the test and resulted in repeat investments within months. Once a Vastrajet customer, always a Vastrajet customer whether it is pigment, disperse, reactive, or acid ink.

Metro by ColorJet is a modular, versatile industrial production printer with Kyocera print heads and with variable drop printing technology enables higher resolution of 600x1800dpi, fine printing quality and excellent sharpness with top speed up to 350 sq. mtr per hour is perfect fit for textile market globally.

Zimmer Colaris leading the way in pigment printing

Zimmer (Austria) recently unveiled a digital printing machine that prints exclusively with pigment ink. This step forward for the application of digital printing is a result of Zimmer’s years of experience in the field of digital printing, in tandem with Fuji StarFire printhead technology. Existing customers are running this machine with pigment ink – as opposed to reactive ink – as pigment ink offers various advantages, such as:

• High colour strength and brilliancy; 4 to 6 colours are enough to cover the full gamut of colours
• Unsurpassed colour fastness properties
• High drop size and flowability
• Suitable for any textile substrate
• No washing, only drying fixation required
• Easy print process as no pre-coating is required in many cases
• Minimal post print processing needed
• Energy efficient and environment friendly
• Simple process; low investment compared to reactive printing process
• Easy for short run print jobs

Zimmer Colaris DX3 – standard features:
• Ink tank with 10 litre capacity
• Ink and printhead heating and cooling for constant temperature
• Automatic printhead cleaning with water and vacuum
• Printheads with 12, 30 or 80 picolitre droplet size
• Sticky belt (permanent glue application device) for textiles and nonwoven products

Colaris DX3 pigment digital printing machine has high-performance Fuji StarFire Dimatix printheads, which have a number of salient features:
• RediJet: Continuous ink recirculation system that prevents nozzle blockage due to high density pigment inks
• Repairable
• VersaDrop technology with binary and greyscale jetting modes
• Coated metal nozzle plate to withstand abrasion and damage.