Kaulin Mfg. Co., Ltd., also known as “SiRUBA” for our acclaimed industrial sewing machine brand. The company was founded in 1965, and for half a century, it develops and manufactures industrial sewing machines, to provide service and solution all around the world for its customers and partners.

The company focuses on contributing sewing industry; we have various sewing machine products, which can be applied on numerous sewing procedures, like our best-selling overlock and interlock sewing machines, computer-controlled bar-tacking and button-holing machines. It has also released a full line-up of automatic sewing machines combining higher positioning accuracy and craftsman’s touch, to fulfil customers’ needs in many categories like knitwear, jeans and sportswear.

The company recently organised a two-day Global Distributors Ningbo Factory Conference before CISMA Shanghai exhibition from September 23 to 24, 2019 where its distributors from all over the world visited its Ningbo factory. For last few years the company is focusing on SiRUBA Smart Factory Solution and SiRUBA ICT Service, which were introduced to its distributors during the conference.