Saurer Embroidery is the worldwide market leader for embroidery production systems. Here, extensive experience accumulated over many generations is combined with modern knowledge to help shape the future of textile production. This brand merges textile tradition with state-of-theart technology in a symbiosis of expertise, quality and safety.Based on more than 150 years of experience, Saurer Embroidery is the leading manufacturer of sophisticated embroidery systems and provides to the embroidery industry innovative solutions from the embroidery sketch to the finished embroidery product.

Shuttle Embroidery Machines Modular embroidery machine systems and high efficiency

With its product range, Saurer Embroidery fulfills the most differing requirements of the various market areas. On the one side, the market demands highest productivity and a favourable price-performance ratio, enabling above all to produce standard designs in large quantities. On the other side, there exists a market for middle to small meter ages, which requires frequent article change and consequently high flexibility. Next to standard designs, the single needle selection and the perfect, fast cutting unit for each needle becomes more and more important. Saurer Embroidery machines offer customized but flexible solutions for every application.

Epoca 7 – The innovative embroidery system sets a new benchmark

The Epoca 7 impresses with its increase in productivity of up to 20 per cent and its embroidery speed of up to 700 RPM. The setting options are unique and encompass new technologies on the needle side such as the manual Pentamat control and the thread delivery. Thus, embroidery technology has been reinvented and fulfills future market demands. The new thread monitors and the new thread-cut guarantee trouble-free production of high quality embroidery.

The Epoca 7 has been awarded the E³ label for triple added value:
• Maximum productivity and speed
• Premium embroidery quality and technology
• Complete reliability

E³ – Triple Added Value
• Energy savings of up to 5 per cent Economics
• Up to 20 per cent increase in productivity
• Up to 18 per cent increase in production speed
• Up to 30 per cent increase in bore speed
• New thread monitor with fast and precise threadbreak recognition minimizes mending

• Electronically adjustable machine parameters
• Simple and fast threading
• Convenient and efficient winding and fabric mounting

With a reputation of over 30 years in providing excellence in service, ASSL Textile has had a long standing history with Saurer. Exclusively representing Saurer’s products since the early 80’s in Bangladesh, CEO Mueenul Huq has quite rightfully been known as the master of customer service in Bangladesh. Having an expert service team which has been trained by Saurer and is available round the clock, providing full assistance to customers without a break, the strength of ASSL Textile lies in the support it provides to the market. With the size of the market expanding and the trends changing, Huq’s son Atish Ardeshir Huq and daughter Antara Marusha Huq, both of whom have graduated from Malaysia and UK respectively, have joined in to carry the legacy of their father’s business and add new perspectives to ASSL Textile. ASSL Textile will present Saurer Embroidery at its stall at DTG 2019 – Hall 7 Booth 519 for further discussion.