Polygiene has recently won the coveted sustainability award presented by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). Polygiene is the leading internationally recognised supplier of odour control and freshness technologies for clothing, gear, and other materials. The sustainability award was presented to the Swedish company for the launch of Odor Crunch.

Odor Crunch provides odour control for garments through the use of one of the world’s most plentiful and natural resources, sand (silica). The technology addresses odour in garments so that they do not need to be washed as often that reduces water, energy consumption, as well as limiting the release of micro-plastics and washing detergents, according to Polygiene.

A total of 22 products were nominated to compete for the SOA with the selection process focused on design, innovation, functionality, quality, and sustainability. The garments tested were provided by Polygiene partner, Intersport who is launching Odor Crunch in Spring 2020 for their Pro Touch running collection. Pro Touch has a leading position within running apparel at Intersport due to the focus on high performance and relevant consumer benefits.

“Through the cooperation with Polygiene on the launch of Odor Crunch we are helping our consumers staying fresh when doing sports, whilst providing a more sustainable alternative to traditional odour control solutions. This fits with our ambition to bring sports to the people, at the same time as working to reduce the impact on the environment with Pro Touch and our other exclusive brands,” Jens Strømnes, CEBO at Intersport said.