Polartec has unveiled its Ready to Roll programme offering first-quality Polartec fabrics, in stock and ready to ship. The programme coincides with upgraded production capacity to service high demand for shearling or ‘sherpa’ fleece fabrics, including made in the USA styles with shorter duty-free shipping times into the NAFTA/CAFTA regions. Polartec is a provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions. Polartec Ready to Roll offers global pre-made inventory of other premium Polartec fabrics including many of the most popular styles, as well as rarities and hard-to-find colours. This includes lightweight next-to-skin, cooling, insulation, weather protection and flame resistant fabric technologies across the Polartec line of roughly 250 different performance fabrics.

“Customers have long asked for in-stock inventory without the standard production lead times, and this announcement enables rapid order fulfillment in time for fall/winter 2019 production to meet increased demand,” says Gary Smith, Polartec CEO.

Recognising that consumers and customers alike want things more on demand, with shorter lead times, Polartec Ready to Roll enables more responsible production forecasting and minimises waste. The programme is an extension of Polartec Eco-Engineering, the process by which Polartec deploys recycled and biodegradable inputs, advanced production techniques, highly efficient logistics, and rigorous testing and certifications to create an innovation pipeline devoted to producing sustainable fabrics with elite performance characteristics. This includes Oeko-Tex and bluesign certifications across all Polartec facilities worldwide, and the Polartec Eco-Engineering effort seeks to set a new, higher ‘triple bottom line’ standard for the textile industry: fully recycled inputs, fully recyclable fabrics, and complete biodegradability.