Fashion for Good will once again host the ‘Pitch for our Planet’ textile innovation session at the forthcoming Planet Textiles event which takes place on 22nd June in Barcelona where it is being co-hosted alongside ITMA 2019. Speakers at this special innovation session on new and emerging textile technology include Petri Alava, CEO of Infinited Fiber a company that turns textile, cardboard and agricultural waste into new fibres; along with Spencer Null, Director of Product Development at Natural Fiber Welding, which uses a closed loop platform to fuse fibres together without denaturing the natural polymers of the fibres.

Speaking to Ecotextile News earlier, Luke Haverhals, CEO and founder of Natural Fiber Welding told us, “My scientific research hinges on a key technical insight that the ‘glue’ that holds cellulose molecules in cotton together – intermolecular forces – can be extended from within a fibre to bridge to surrounding neighbouring fibres.”

The technology is said to use ‘intrinsically safe’ salt-based chemistries to activate fibres to controllably fuse them together (using no resins, glues, or synthetic plastics) to make new materials. “The salt is then continuously reclaimed and recycled making the process closed loop,” says Haverhals.