Textile machinery company Picanol has announced the production of its 100,000th airjet machine. The OMNIplus Summum forms part of a larger order recently made by Naveena Export from Karachi, Pakistan. Picanol, headquartered in Belgium, specialises in development, production, and sales of weaving machines and technology for the textile industry.

In fact, Naveena currently has more than 300 Picanol machines in operation and continues to rapidly expand. The group’s activities extend across denim, spinning, property development, steel, and power, according to Picanol.

Airjet weaving at Picanol started in 1980 following the release of the revolutionary PAT (Picanol Airtronic) weaving machine. The PAT was first presented at the ATME exhibition in Greenville (US) in the same year. This was then followed by the PAT-A, the Delta, the Delta-X, the Omni, the OMNIplus, the OMNIplus 800, and finally the OMNIplus Summum. Many customers around the world have been growing with us through all of these different generations of airjet machines.