Caprolactum markets were insipid in Asia with rising earlier and moderating a bit in the second half of the fortnight for liquid and flake materials amid light trading and low demand. Upstream benzene market was also range bound, prompting downstream derivatives to dip. In Europe, caprolactam market began April contract negotiations with price sentiment varied following counterbalancing pressures. Asian caprolactum markers were up $40 this fortnight with SE and FE Asia at $2,140-2,180 per metric tonne while Japan made goods were traded at $2,200-2,210 per metric tonne. European contract price was assessed steady at 2,249-2,406 euro per metric tonne FD NWE.

Nylon filament yarn prices moderated this fortnight with most specs seeing drop at the upper end of the price range, influenced by insipid benzene markets and weakening caprolactum spot market. Soft chip market restrained any upside potential for yarn market, leading to discounts under aggressive selling. Demand was stable as textile producers maintained high run rates. Buying sentiment was cautious given weak confidence and fewer new orders. In China, nylon FDY70D/24F SD prices declined to 22.50-23.30 Yuan per kg ($3.58-3.70 per kg, down US cents 6), while DTY70D were down at 23.50-24.80 Yuan per kg ($3.73-3.94 per kg, down US cents 6).