The LYCRA Co., announced the global launch of new LYCRA® FitSense™ technology. This innovation is a patented water-based dispersion that features the same molecule as LYCRA® fibre, but in liquid form. Lycra FitSense technology is screen printed onto fabric containing Lycra fibre to deliver targeted lightweight support that can be combined with visual effects like patterns or colour blocks. As a result, sewn-in panels or extra seams that may restrict movement and cause discomfort could be eliminated and the consumer’s need for great-fitting, ultra-comfortable garments is satisfied, giving support just where it is needed.

“We first offered Lycra FitSense technology to key customers in Europe and the US and we’re so thrilled with the results that we’re launching it globally,” said Serge Vigouroux, Executive Vice President, new ventures & marketing at The Lycra Co. “Customer feedback and product reviews have been extremely positive, and we’ve had many new inquiries from customers interested in adopting the technology.”

Lycra FitSense technology can transform activewear and athleisure apparel (leggings and tops) and intimate apparel (bras, sports bras, bralettes, underwear and shapewear) by adding lightweight power, soft shaping and lift, and targeted support without sacrificing comfort.

“This innovation is a game-changer for our apparel business that, until now, focused primarily on fiber technologies,” said Vigouroux. “We are already looking into new formulas, additional application processes, and other apparel end uses to expand this technology further.”

Lycra FitSense technology offers printers, garment makers, brands and retailers a host of benefits. This solution helps streamline garment manufacturing, offers unlimited design possibilities that provide functional benefits, and differentiates garments by providing a premium offering made with a breakthrough innovation.