NAF Group is one of the most prestigious and experienced commercial and industrial conglomerates in Bangladesh today. NAF Overseas Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1987 and has been leading with some renowned machine brands in garments and textile industries sector for Bangladesh market. During this tenor, the company has witnessed a steady growth, primarily due to timely decisions taken to furnish the apparel industry with the most modern machinery, equipment and accessories imported from leading manufacturers across the world.

The company remains passionate for the country’s technological development, particularly in the garment and textile sector. NAF is always concerned and dedicated and was born to invent and develop new creative designs and ideas. Also, it brings and introduces Bangladesh industrialists and investors with newest technology for high productivity solution.

With the advancement of Technological Era, Bangladesh, a rapid developing country has been leading Garments & Textiles Sector around the World successfully. Consistent planning, perpendicular endeavor, professionalism and proactive determination made NAF Group retain a lion share of apparel machinery business in Bangladesh.

NAF is an exclusive agent of Tajima Multihead Automatic Embroidery Machines from Japan for more than 20 years. Tajima focuses on constant planning, professionalism and proactive approach to meet up the growing demand for technology. Beside that the department aspires in originating and pioneering latest & sophisticated technologies appropriate for the garment & textile producers of Bangladesh. With the iron grip of extremely skilled & veteran service team & the availability of spare parts in ready stock at an affordable price, the enterprise remains aggressive & competitive over its competitors.

NAF Fashions Ltd. especially involves producing ultramodern designs of Embroidery and Stone motives as well as any difficult design from customers. It has its own research unit that engaged with some of skilled and good designers. NAF’s aim to work for value addition into the garments and clothing, as world demands now to see some different technology and ideas and that is being followed by present trends in the community. The corporation aims to collaborate as usual and boost up efforts in the near future to sustain the top shot.

The corporation aims to collaborate as usual and boost up efforts in the near future to sustain the top shot. It now dreams to grow as a real catalyst of change by facilitating the apparel industry with powerful innovative ideas and exchanging new advance technology. Some of its major clients are Bangladesh with Tajima products like Square Group, Beximco Group, Fakir Group, DBL Group, Palmal Group, Viyallatex Group, KDS Group, Knit Concern, Metro group, DIRD Group etc.

Besides, NAF Overseas Ltd. also represents MS Italy for digital printing machines, Bihong-Oval with Hybrid Digital T shirt printing machine from China, Nagel & Hermann-Stone Motif Making Machine from Austria, Salli-Stone machines from S Korea, NC Korea-Stone Machine-S Korea, Mimaki- Digital Apparel and Dye Sublimation Printing from Japan, Gamma-Chifley Embroidery Fabric from Thailand, Yuemei laser cutting machine from China, Seit-Elettronica- Single and Flash Laser cutting machine from Italy etc.