Border trade between Myanmar and India reached $194.6 mn as of September 13 in this fiscal ending September—an increase of $57 mn over the figure during the same period of the previous fiscal, according to the former’s Commerce Ministry. Myanmar’s exports to India were worth $171.3 mn and its imports were worth $23.3 mn.

The two countries engage in border trade primarily through Tamu, Reed and Thantlang trade camps, while a major part of bilateral trade are delivered through ships. Myanmar mainly exports fruits and vegetable, fishery and forestry products to India, while importing medicines, electronic products, motorbikes, cotton yarn, non-alloy steel and other construction materials. Myanmar’s border trade with its four neighbours—China, India, Thailand and Bangladesh—totaled $9.6 bn—$6.7 bn in exports and $2.9 mn in imports, a report said.