The international textile and fashion industry witnessed the 2020 Spring.Summer season in Munich. More than 1,000 fabrics, additionals, denim & sportswear suppliers exhibited their latest product and trend developments in 1,800 collections from 29 to 31 January 2019 at the MOC Munich and in the Zenith Area.

They were complemented by a growing number of service and sourcing providers as well as young brands and start-ups that present their philosophies and the ideology of forwardlooking process solutions as well as solutions for resourcesaving material sourcing and their areas of application. This dynamic and mutually inspiring exhibitor structure brings about one of the most important international trade fair platforms for sourcing materials and in-depth networking and, hence, for linking fashion with technology with a view to shaping the future.

In terms of trend concepts for 2020 this future is characterised by emotionality, empathy and community. This is expressed by WHAT IS LOVE as a source of inspiration – passionate, playful, pragmatic. Spring. Summer 20 indulges in a rich choice of fabrics, in innovative silhouettes, in philosophical wealth but also in tongue-in-cheek kitsch and – last not least – a new lightness at heart, which is never entirely uncritical.

The ReSOURCE segment was Munich Fabric Start’s enhanced sourcing platform flagging up new dimensions of sustainability for an innovative and future-oriented production. This is how a forum initiated and supported by experts was established that offers comprehensive sustainability solutions. Boasting over 500 articles Resource showcased the latest developments in sustainable fabrics and findings as well as innovations in the categories: Recycled | Organic / Natural | Regenerated Cellulosics | Innovative (Hybrids &Bioplastics) | Leather & Alternatives | Denim | GOTS.