Bangladesh is the 2nd largest RMG exporter in the world. Cost of apparel production in Bangladesh is increasing due to raise of wages and high price of raw materials as well as new investment required for compliance. Global market is very competitive and is getting tougher day-by-day. Only new technology can be a great solution being cost effective and to remain competitive. Also need to have highly trained man power to run the modern technology correctly. Shima Seiki a Japanese company established in 1962 is very well known all over the world for their highly computerized technology-based product for apparel making industry. In 1991 they have introduced CAD/CAM machinery with Designing Software and Computerized multi-ply fabric Spreading and Cutting machine.

Shima Seiki P-CAM series multi-ply computerized cutting machines (NC cutting machines), with an already established reputation for their high efficiency, productivity and quality, have been renovated across its entire line, Faster and smoother head movement improves productivity. A low-vibration, low-noise head is adopted to improve the work environment. New function such as a one -touch drill attachment, a more compact Y-beam controller and a switch for moving the conveyor and cutting the vinyl sheet, enhance productivity. Moreover, the optional turbo fan suppresses fluctuation in air pressure for stable multi-ply cutting. Cutting thickness of 1 inch (33mm), 2 inches (55mm) or 3 inches (75mm) can be selected. Especially for 3 inches, increasing Y-beam clearance enables loading of thicker material before suction. A new knife sharpening system produces a sharper, strong blade every time. Stronger more robust component parts permit quicker response times for knife movement and more accurate cutting for thick fabric such as denim. For cutting area of P-CAM183/223, in addition to S and L types (Standard and Large size of cutting bed). The multiply computerized cutting machines (NC cutting machines) P-CAM machines are the perfect choice for flexible highvolume production in a new era of global apparel production, as well as for such other applications as work wear, sewing, knit manufacturing, denim, automotive, industrial material, container bag, flexible container bag, cloth, aramid fiber, tent, canvas, nonwoven fabric, filter, felt and furniture etc.