Mouvent – the Swiss start-up company focused exclusively on delivering the future of digital printing using pioneering digital technology – announced strategic partnerships with the principal distributors of textile printing solutions in Italy, Turkey, India and China. Mouvent offers a fully integrated solution, developing, engineering, testing and industrialising digital printers based on the Mouvent™ Cluster Technology, a highly integrated cluster design arranged in a modular, scalable matrix. Mouvent develops the controlling software, the inks and coatings, and provides a full service range.

The company has ambitious sales goals for its first textile printing solution, the very compact TX801, which prints with up to eight colours and completes up to 50 per cent of the print jobs in a single pass, boosting productivity up to 200 sq mtr/hr. The TX801 uses a compact proprietary print engine based on Mouvent™ Cluster technology, delivering the highest print quality at an unrivalled speed, precision and scalability, and with an optical resolution of up to 2,000 dpi. The TX801 processes knitted, woven and non-woven textiles with a maximum fabric width of 1,820 mm, with roll diameters of up to 400 mm.

“For us to reach our ambitious sales goals with textile printing solutions like the TX801, we identified Italy, Turkey, India and China to be the most relevant markets,” said Reto Simmen, Chief Business Officer at Mouvent. “Once we had identified those, we established a direct sales and service organisation in Italy and entered into strategic partnerships with the three other markets’ top-rated distribution companies for textile printers. They understand perfectly how their respective markets function and how the revolutionary Mouvent™ Cluster technology will help printing businesses to grow faster by offering a higher quality end-product at a lower cost.”

Mouvent chose its partners as much for their passion for digital printing as for their sales and support track record. This ensures the customer will end up not just with revolutionary technology, but also with the technical service and support to match.

Italian textile products, including the apparel industry, are known worldwide, and Italy is the third biggest exporter of textiles worldwide, with an overall textile industry that keeps growing. Because of the importance of the Italian market, a direct Mouvent sales and service organisation was established in the country with Francesco Aprile at the helm.

We are very excited to represent Mouvent in the crucial and innovative Italian textile market,” said Francesco Aprile, Heading the Italian Sales and Service Operations for Mouvent. “We believe that with this revolutionary technology, we are able to offer a real competitive edge to textile printers who are trying to move from tradition- al to the more flexible digital printing solutions without having to sacrifice either quality or performance.”

In Turkey, Mouvent is partnering with PSC, a company founded in 2001. The company has been involved with digital printing since 1995. In 2003, the company started to sell and support digital textile solutions for the textile industry with a focus on highquality technical support and colour management, based on a long experience in textile printing.