The Lycra Company, Owner of the Lycra brand portfolio of elastane fibres, has launched a trademark protection campaign which, as well as highlighting the brand’s strong enforcement on brand infringements, also promotes the brand’s core values; particularly when it comes to protecting its customers and end users.

This campaign is intending to both reassure customers that the company works hard to protect the integrity of its flagship brand and that they are buying quality fibre product, but also to encourage those involved in the industry to take steps to avoid any infringements. The company exercises regular, random checks on products carrying the Lycra brand trademark.

As the first major trademark protection brand campaign since The Lycra Company was established earlier in 2019, the “Zero Tolerance” campaign features a pair of hosiery clad legs in the Lycra brand’s signature red, alongside the copy: “Zero Tolerance of Brand Infringement” – designed to herald the new company behind the brand.

Jane Gwyther, Senior Strategic Account Manager – Legwear at The Lycra Company, said that with 200 offerings in its product portfolio, the company placed a strong emphasis on working closely and collaboratively with its business partners across the industry. “We help them to leverage the power of the Lycra brand, to differentiate products and add value for them every step of the way,” she said. “This is of particular importance in the hosiery sector: in an environment where everyone needs a point of difference, our bespoke solutions deliver differentiation and add value. For that reason, we are passionate about protecting our brand and everything that the Lycra brand stands for, which in turn, assures our business partners are getting the best quality and underpins their investment in working with us.”

According to the Lycra Company, the brand is one of the world’s most recognisable ingredient brands known to consumers and is seen as a symbol of quality. “They expect fit, comfort and the freedom to move -with garments containing Lycra fibre,” the company said in a statement. “In an age where transparency is key and consumers specifically seek out brands that they can trust, the Lycra brand can be of value to brand and retailers and brands, mills, manufacturers and distributors, by increasing desirability. To ensure that consumers’ trust in the brand remains high and that the brand may continue to add value for its customers, on all levels, The Lycra Company deems it is their duty to continue to protect the brand and uphold its strong values.”

The “Zero Tolerance” campaign appears on billboards, buses, in print display as well as across a series of digital channels in the UK, Italy, Turkey and Poland, from November 2019 with roll-out in additional countries in 2020.