Louis Philippe latest windows promote their Permapress voyage and African Safari range of merchandise that showcase unique journeys through backlit and reflective glass. Men’s formal wear brand Louis Philippe has recently launched two windows based on the themes of their latest range – Permapress Voyage and African Safari.

The whole idea of Permapress Voyage window has been to narrate the story of a Louis Philippe man travelling to space in a LP voyage suit, which is comfortable and easy to wear. The idea is to showcase travel wear that is both easy and fashionable. The window combines all the elements of space to lend an authentic feel of a space voyage with a backlit icon in the backdrop depicting Earth.

The African Safari window on the other hand evokes the typical African scenic beauty – sunset, wild animals and tree cutouts – all representing the merchandise line. The backlit sun imagery enhances the window’s feel and elements like 3D cutouts of tree and animals further enhance.