Known as original source of tall jeans, fashion retailer Long Tall Sally has teamed up with The Lycra Company to develop a jean that not only offers great fit for tall women but also exceptional shape retention wash after wash. Sourced from Calik, one of world’s finest denim mills, the new ultra stretch jean is produced with Lycra dualFX technology.

The ultra-stretch jean is available in up to six washes and two styles: Slim, bootcut and skinny from September 2, 2019 at Long Tall Sally’s website. Sizing ranges from size 8 to 24 and inside leg 34″ to 38″, said a report by The Lycra Company.

Long Tall Sally sells over 140,000 pairs of jeans each year and with knowledge honed through its exceptional customer insights, knows that denim fit, retention and recovery are particularly important to taller women. Typically, as fabric stretch increases, so does the tendency for fabric growth or shrinkage. By combining Lycra fibre and Lycra T400 fibre together in one fabric, customers get the best of both worlds — the high stretch of Lycra fibre and the excellent recovery power of Lycra T400 fibre. This has allowed Long Tall Sally to offer its customers, no matter what their shape or size, a super stretch jean that maintains its form over time and fits all day, every day.

“Ultra Stretch marks a step change in our denim offer. These jeans have real stability, so they retain their original shape and feel brand new, every time you wear them,” said Rebecca Hirst, Senior Denim Buyer at Long Tall Sally.

“Fashion forward companies like Long Tall Sally understand the value of helping customers to feel and look fantastic, no matter what their shape or size. Lycra dualFX was developed in response to consumer demand for comfort, fit, and shape retention – the key purchase motivators for denim garments. Paired together, these insights and technologies have led to the development of the Ultra Stretch jean. We hope that this jean will change the way many tall women view and wear denim, and ultimately help them to enjoy wearing denim every day,” said Helen Latham, from The Lycra Company. The Lycra Company innovates and produces fibre and technology solutions for the apparel and hygiene industries, as well as speciality chemicals used in the spandex and polyurethane value chains.