Lenzing has opened a new Center of Excellence (LCOE) at its existing location in Indonesia, providing laboratory and analytical facilities to conduct trials and analyses of various types of fibres and yarns. New products will also be developed on-site, and it is hoped that it will expand the cooperation with partners along Lenzing’s value chain. This move follows on from our visit to Lenzing’s new Hong Kong innovation centre in September.

“The LCOE is already running full speed and draws a lot of interest from customers and partners,” said Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of the Lenzing Group. “The proximity to important Asian customers and partners creates a new dimension in our service offering.”

He added: “we can react more quickly to current trends and handle a broad spectrum of aspects on location relating to the application with our full range of fibers as well as unique fibre blends in collaboration with our supply chain partners,” as well as explaining that the LCOE “is an important step to implementing our corporate strategy sCore TEN.”

The Lenzing Center of Excellence started its operation end of 2018, and says it is open for visitors from the whole industry. It joins other LCOE in Lenzing (Austria) and Hong Kong.

Vineet Singhal, Senior Vice President of AMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa), said: “After the opening of the Application and Innovation Center in Hong Kong, the Indonesian LCOE is another defined step to further strengthen Lenzing’s partnership with its customer.

“LCOE captures activities and innovation capabilities in the area of fibre to yarn. The Hong Kong Center focuses on yarn to fashion. With this, we have brought full fibre to fashion innovation capabilities to Asia.

“I hope that this centre becomes truly an example of excellence both in conversion technology and partnership with customers,” he concluded.