Smart apparel manufacturer Kymira Sport has announced two new partnerships, both with the Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors (IASI), and with Pinnacle Performance. The four-year partnership with IASI will see Kymira offer members its products – including its winter thermal collection – at a discounted rate.

The partnership with Pinnacle Performance – a gym based in Southampton – will offer the facility discounted rates on exercise apparel, aiming to aid them both during and after their workouts.

Kymira offers a range of performance apparel with integrated Kynergy technology, which converts exerted energy into Far Infrared Radiation (FIR). FIR is recognised for its ability to increase blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and respiration efficiency.

This in turn allows the body to absorb more nutrients and glycogen into cells which hastens the removal and breakdown of lactic acid, subsequently alleviating muscle soreness and boosting energy conservation.

With the two deals, Kymira is aiming to strengthen its position as a market leader for performance and recovery-enhancing sportswear. CEO and Founder of Kymira Tim Brownstone said: “All of us at Kymira are very excited by the partnership deals and hope that the ski instructors and gym members can benefit from the garments we have to offer them.

“We want to work closely with IASI and Pinnacle Performance moving forward and think this is a great opportunity to bring our products to those who will get the most out of the technology,” he added.

Derek Tate from IASI said: “It can get tough on the slopes, so we need hard-working thermal kit to keep our members and instructors warm and Kymira Sport can do that.”

Pinnacle Performance’s Andy McGhee said: “We pride ourselves on all aspects of health and fitness and know that the recovery properties of the Kymira kit will really benefit our customers after a good session at the gym.”