Kornit Digital, a manufacturer of industrial digital printing technologies for the garment, apparel and textile industries, will be organising an inspiring open house in Hong Kong next month. The three-day event will take place in Kowloon, Hong Kong from April 15-17. Participants will be able to discuss latest market trends with industry experts. At the open house on the future of digital textile printing, participants would be taken through a grand tour of Kornit’s advanced digital textile printing solutions. It will help them discover exciting technologies that will transform the way they think and print. Further, an in-depth product tour will help them find the perfect printing solution to fit their needs. The Kornit Atlas and the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro are the two latest and most advanced systems developed by Kornit.

The Kornit Atlas is the perfect industrial direct-to-garment printing solution for high volume production. Equipped with a future-ready platform for upcoming needs and developments, it extends the HD technology and pioneers the Eco Rapid ink. It gives print quality that exceeds the highest retail standards.

The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is the only digital printing solution for dyed polyester. It is a new ground-breaking process that overcomes the limitations and challenges of polyester printing. It enables easy print-on-demand of polyester products, and is a unique single-step solution for polyester printing, even in dark colours.

Providing profitable printing form the very first garment, the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is paired with the NeoPigment Olympia ink set, which meets the sports industry’s high durability standards and sustainability requirements. Besides Hong Kong, Kornit is also going to organise open house events in New York City, US, on April 3-4, and in Düsseldorf, Germany, on April 11-12.