Khaadi, a fashion brand in Karachi, Pakistan, eliminated paper pattern-making from product design and development using fashion technology solutions from Tukatech. The company uses TUKAcad for digital pattern-making, grading, and marker-making; TUKA3D for virtual sample-making; and TUKAcloud for web-based design collaboration and communication.

Previously the Khaadi design team worked manually. They drafted patterns by hand on paper and assessed design and fit with physical samples. With a vision to expand Khaadi into new global markets, the IT team also saw a need for more robust infrastructure in the design department.

“Growing globally requires scalability. Scalability requires lower lead times, higher levels of technology, and higher levels of automation. For this reason, Khaadi initiated a digital transformation in their design studio,” Rehan Qadri, Khaadi’s Chief Technology Officer said.

Now the fashion designers work from graded digital pattern blocks in TUKAcad. This frees them to make style line changes without disturbing the fit. Since every style comes from the same blocks, fit is more consistent between styles. In addition, the fashion designers simulate their styles in TUKA3D. They understand how each garment will drape and fit with real-time motion simulation.

The draped silhouettes become like digital ‘blanks’ for Khaadi’s textile designers to visualise their artwork. They arrange repeats, placement prints, and embroideries on the 3D sample. Then each department reviews the full collection digitally on TUKAcloud, before any physical samples are made. Since design evaluations now happen virtually, the team makes decisions quickly without wasting resources.

“One challenge that comes with a digital design process is to keep all the files and communication organised. TUKAcloud serves as a centralised hub for all the digital samples across Khaadi’s different departments, as well as the associated technical files, and design elements. The designers then use TUKAcloud as an asset library and reference point for new style ideas,” Savannah Crawford, Chief Collaborator for Tukatech said. Tukatech’s team of fashion technology experts trained Khaadi’s design team on-site. After the completion of training, each designer received a certificate of proficiency and achievement.