Jeanologia, the Spanish leader in the development of sustainable and efficient technology, will be presenting its latest collection at the Bangladesh Denim Expo.2. The collection will be based on the new production model which is technological, sustainable, and respectful of workers’ health. The expo will be held on May 9 and 10, 2018, in Dhaka. The collection will reveal the key factors showing how it is contributing to the transformation of the Bangladeshi industry, moving towards a complete digitalisation with Jeanologia as the expert technology partner. The capsule collection, created using the combination of Jeanologia technologies, shows two completely identical garments that have used two different production processes: the analogue and the digital.

Jeanologia’s Asia Division Director, Jordi Juani said, “The traditional model was the one being used in the country; production with low value-added and based on manual processes and, the digital one is the one that we have been introducing and attains a high value-added product, completely sustainable and with less production time. The combination of Jeanologia’s laser, ozone and eflow technology, together with the correct choice of fabric made by our Light Sensitive Fabric tool, manages to save 80 per cent in water and 50 per cent in chemical use in this collection, reducing the production time 30 per cent. Furthermore, with our EIM software, we have measured the environmental impact of each garment, closing the cycle perfectly and getting completely sustainable results and respecting workers’ health.”

The collection has been fully created in Bangladesh, from the fabric to the garment finishing, meaning that all the players involved in the Bangladeshi textile industry are taking part in the company’s mission to create an ethical industry, eco-efficient and sustainable. Jordi Juani will also talk on the topic ‘Made in Bangladesh. From Analogue to digital’ in hall 4, on May 9, 2018. He will explain the transformation of the Bangladeshi textile industry leading to the digital revolution and how Jeanologia, as the expert technology partner, has been depended on in making the industry more competitive, innovative and sustainable.