Established in August 2003 in China, Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., started sewing machine business from July 18, 1995. And ever since 2010, the sales amount of Jack is leading in global sales with the absolute advantage of lockstitch, overlock and interlock sewing machine. On October 21st, 2018 the annual Jack Global Distributor Conference was held in Taizhou International Hotel. In the beginning, Jack, the founder of Jack, delivered a keynote speech on value marketing at the conference. According to him, the strategy of focusing; focusing on small and medium-sized customers, focusing on the lockstitch, overlock and interlock machine, focusing on the development of quality and technology is the way to achieve no. 1 ranking in sales, value marketing, and becoming leading company in the world.

In the new era of intelligence, regardless of the traditional business or the future market, he said that the price war will not only defeat the unbeaten competitors, but also indirectly affect the value of the brand itself, but also bring a vicious circle to the industry. What Jack needs to do is to create value for customers by quality and technology, and let the whole industry move towards benign development. Only by moving towards value marketing can we go closer to Jack’s first brand of global sewing equipment.

Later, at the meeting, he shared the contrast between smart sewing and traditional sewing for the dealers present.For example, the sewing machine A5 with short trimming (no need to cut again), the technology not only solves the difficulty of recruiting labour for the garment processing factory, but also brings high sales volume and high quality reputation to the clothing brand.

The consumer demand for improvement, for quality is increasing, and intelligent sewing products can help Jack in the value war from price war. Jimmy, General Manager of the sewing machine department, brought the industry analysis to overseas distributors, and made indepth description from the macro trend, market customers, sewing industry and Jack’s own aspects.

In November 2015, the supply-side reform was formally proposed. With the implementation of the national environmental protection tax collection policy, environmental protection and safe production became the threshold of the manufacturing industry in China, including clothing. The elimination of backward production capacity was accelerated.

The continuous deepening of supply-side reform has improved the market concentration degree of the industry. The growing market share of leading enterprises represents new opportunities for Jack. He pointed out that, with a global perspective and an overview of the development trend of international clothing, garment factories need more advanced equipment as consumers purchase more frequently and demand higher quality of clothing. In such a context, Jack is the market leader in terms of user awareness and data in both the brand and the product.

Presently, Jack company’s sales account for a very high share in more than 105 industrial sewing machine factories in China. The sales performance is far ahead, which will accumulate more potential energy for Jack and its dealers. Then, by presenting data comparison of the sales performance of sewing machine enterprises in the first half of 2018, he helped distributors to further understand Jack’s influence in the field of sewing machines in China and even the world, and anticipated the huge potential and development scale of the sewing machine market.

He said that from the acquisition of Germany’s Bullmer in 2009 to the acquisition of Italy’s VI. BE. MAC this year, Jack has entered the stage of multi-brand operation and multi-industry production supply chain coordination. Jack has not only brand, product, capital, but also product, technology, quality, service and personnel. With 9 R&D centers, 1000 R&D teams, and 14 offices in over 130 countries around the world, we provide local services and technical support, provide win-win global co-operation opportunities and realize the aspiration of “co-construction, sharing and win-win.”

Victor, Vice General Manager of international trade department, reported on the theme of innovation channel and value creation. At the conference, he showed Jack’s promising market and business development in the world in 2018, as well as the great success of Jack’s products in all markets around the world. He listed a number of statistics to prove that Jack is covering around the world. The reasons for Jack’s good performance overseas are explained in detail in the aspects of product, service, training and brand:

In terms of training, the training mode of “technicians going out to overseas markets” and “overseas technicians invited to China” are combined, as well as the cooperation made with training schools. The quick service is more and more in-depth for users. After the service training for agents and sub-dealers, the service starts to develop to the terminal and facilitates sales. Many countries have regular service day to train terminal operators and so on.

Jack’s success in 2018, he said, depends on the strong support and hard work of his family of dealers around the world. At the end of the meeting, Vincent, the Vice Chairman of Jack, gave summary for the meeting. He once again emphasized the importance of value marketing. Not only the agent but also dealers have value marketing abilities. Agent also need to help dealers to get this ability of value marketing, stimulate the potential of dealers, and achieve greater victories.

At the same time, he also emphasized the customercentric aspect; helping customer to success is the most essential part of any business, the reason is very simple, but not everyone really understands, and not everyone can practice it. In order to thank the distributors for their dedication in the past year, the conference honored outstanding teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions and presented awards. A total of 67 distributor families received different categories of awards.

Jacks lays foundation stone of new manufacturing unit

Jack focuses on industrial intelligent sewing machine, automatic cutting machine and motor & control box.It is the only intelligent manufacturing complete solution service provider integrated pre-sewing equipment and midsewing equipment in the global sewing equipment industry. Jack has more than 5,000 agents and service center in more than 120 countries.

In July, 2017, Jack acquired Italian MAICA, which is the only professional manufacturer to produce shirt automatic equipment in the world for more than 40 years. The acquisition of VI.BE.MAC marks Jack’s globalization made another historic progress. VI.BE.MAC with 38-year history is the leader of industry sewing machine for jeans.

Today, Asia is the main production area of jean clothing.China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc.,are the big countries in jean clothing production. And China is the world’s largest denim clothing production base. The company, who owns the Chinese market, is equal to half the sky in the jean clothing production market. Jack’s co-operation with VI.BE.MAC. will achieve this possibility. Both the companies have same target that not only provides products but also offer the solution to meet customers’ need. After the acquisition of VI.BE.MAC., Jack will give full play to advantages in supply chain, production, technology, channels etc.

The acquisition of VI.BE.MAC marks Jack’s globalization made another historic progress. Taking this further, Jack Sewing Machine recently laid foundation stone of its highend intelligent sewing equipment manufacturing unit in Juhai Avenu, Taizhou, China. The ceremony was led by Heye, Director, China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) along with the Chairman of Jack Group and Mayor of Taizhou city, in the presence of some of the Government officials from the region.

The land, covering around 7.6 lakh sq mtr area, was recently allotted to Jack by the Taizhou Government. Apart from the manufacturing base, it will also witness the startup activities of the provincial and municipal major projects related to the sewing industry. The manufacturing base will take about 3 years to get completed and after the completion of the project, it will have an annual production capacity of 2 mn sets of intelligent sewing machines and 1,00,000 sets of intelligent special sewing machines.

The high-end intelligent sewing equipment manufacturing base is an important measure for the company to expand and upgrade to become a complete service provider of intelligent equipment. As per the company, manufacturing will be completely robotic right from loading, unloading to assembly of parts of sewing machines.

According to JixiangRuan, Jack Stock, founder, “We share with VI.BE.MAC.’s philosophy and values and are grateful to the mutual knowledge in these years. After the acquisition – due to the added value that Jack can bring in terms of supply, production and distribution in China and in the world, with its more than 5,000 sales and service channels in more than 120 countries – we will share with VI.BE.MAC. an even wider market. Moreover, thanks to the brand, the experience and the technological know-how of the VI.BE.MAC. Units, we will enrich the automation of our products with the aim of quickly entering the market for the denim clothing automation, establishing a position of leadership in this area.”

The new manufacturing base will be helpful to reduce the cost of manufacturing of MAICA and VI.BE.MAC. Also, Jack will be producing its future high-end ‘A’ series lockstitch machines in this facility.