Established in August 2003 in China, Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., started sewing machine business from July 18, 1995. And ever since 2010, the sales amount of Jack is leading in global sales with the absolute advantage of lockstitch, overlock and interlock sewing machine. On 3rd July, 2018 Jack and VI.BE.MAC. finished the equity delivery ceremony, which took place in Vero, Italy. The acquisition of VI.BE.MAC marks Jack’s globalization made another historic progress. Today, Jack focuses on industrial intelligent sewing machine, automatic cutting machine and motor & control box. It is the only Intelligent manufacturing complete solution service provider integrated pre-sewing equipment and mid-sewing equipment in the global sewing equipment industry. Its products serve many industries, such as autos, aviation, cloth, shoes, suitcase, furniture, advertisement etc.

Jack has more than 5,000 agents and service center in more than 120 countries. Jack’s overseas acquisition cooperation began in 2009. German Automatic cutting machine Bullmer company enjoys the “Mercedes-Benz” reputation in pre-sewing industry and has more than 80- year history, which became a member of Jack in that year. In July, 2017, Jack acquired Italian MAICA, which is the only professional manufacturer to produce shirt automatic equipment in the world for more than 40 years. VI.BE.MAC with 38-year history is the leader of industry sewing machine for jeans. However, many factors constrain the development of VI.BE.MAC. foreign markets. In the Asian market, especially in the Chinese market it faces challenges from other peers.

Today, Asia is the main production area of jean clothing. China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc., are the big countries in jean clothing production. And China is the world’s largest denim clothing production base. The company, who owns the Chinese market, is equal to half the sky in the jean clothing production market. Jack’s co-operation with VI.BE.MAC. will achieve this possibility. Both the companies have same target that not only provides products but also offer the solution to meet customers’ need. After the acquisition of VI.BE.MAC., Jack will give full play to advantages in supply chain, production, technology, channels etc.

Improve automation and intelligent development through technology; Reduce production costs of VI.BE.MAC. through production; Expanding its global sales network through channel; Improve its global after-sales service system; Improve the competitiveness of VI.BE.MAC; Create more development opportunities for VI.BE.MAC; and Open up a bigger market and achieve new glory. Jack is committed to becoming the Intelligent Manufacturing Complete Solution Service Provider with “Intelligent cutting bed (pre-sewing)+intelligent sewing machine (mid-sewing)+Intelligent ironing(aftersewing)+ IPMS Intelligent production management system. The acquisition will enrich Jack’s automation and intelligent product categories and expand intelligent sewing field, which accelerates the realisation of the world’s first brand of sewing equipment.

According to Jixiang Ruan, President, Jack Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., “We share with VI.BE.MAC.’s philosophy and values and are grateful to the mutual knowledge in these years. This agreement will bring growth to both partners. After the acquisition – due to the added value that Jack can bring in terms of supply, production and distribution in China and in the world, with its more than 5,000 sales and service channels in more than 120 countries – we will share with VI.BE.MAC. an even wider market. Moreover, thanks to the brand, the experience and the technological know-how of the VI.BE.MAC. units, we will enrich the automation of our products with the aim of quickly entering the market for the denim clothing automation, establishing a position of leadership in this area.”

“The agreement marks an important milestone in the history of our company and gives full effect to what I like to define as a successful model of internationalisation. This venture allows us to further invest and increase the dissemination of VI.BE.MAC. products in the world and in the Chinese market. Innovative stitching pioneers, we are the Ferrari of industrial sewing machines for speed, quality and service. We have made experience, passion, technological knowhow and innovation the soul of society and the key to winning the challenge of competitiveness. We have developed new high tech solutions; new information control distribution management systems; consulting services on production plants, training on the use of the product and systems of forums, chat and clouding for the exchange of information. All this to satisfy the demands of an increasingly demanding and competitive market,” said Alberto Guerreschi, CEO of VI.BE.MAC.