ITMA 2019 will be complemented by several key nonwovens, and chemical, and colourant forums, two of which are the ITMA-EDANA Nonwovens Forum and Textile Colourant and Chemical Leaders Forum. The leading international textile and garment technology exhibition will be held from June 20-26, 2019, at Barcelona, Spain, organised by ITMA Services.

The Nonwovens Forum is jointly organised by ITMA and Edana. To be held on June 21, 2019, it will highlight the latest innovations in nonwovens. The theme of the forum is ‘Nonwovens Manufacturing Processes for the 21st Century: More Flexible, More Efficient, More Sustainable,’ according to a report.

Providing the latest industry insights will be keynote speaker David Allan, editor, Nonwovens, RISI (United States). His presentation is titled ‘Global Trends in Nonwoven Processes under Economic and Sustainability Constraints’.

The forum will feature three sessions, circular economy/challenges & opportunities for processing bio-based & recycled materials on nonwovens machinery; latest trends and innovation in nonwoven processes – including hybrids and composites; and innovations in nonwovens technology. In addition, there will be a panel discussion with experts from leading centres of excellence in nonwovens who will exchange their views on the nonwoven processes of the 2030s.

The third Textile Colourant and Chemical Leaders Forum to be held on June 23, 2019, will focus on the circular economy and resource sustainability strategy and how innovation will drive future industry success. Launched at ITMA 2011, the forum, is an industry initiative that draws lively participation from dyestuff, colour and chemical professionals from around the world.

Themed ‘Meeting Resource Challenges in the Circular Economy’, the 2019 forum explores how textile chemicals and innovative and cleaner technologies can help create a more sustainable future for the textile and garment industry. Presentations at the forum are clustered into three sessions; resource management and Industry 4.0; responding to sustainability challenges with innovation; and envisioning the future of the colourant and chemical industry.

Speakers confirmed for the forum include Christina Raab, global implementation Director of The ZDHC Foundation. She will speak on the role of chemistry for circularity in textile, leather and fibre production. She will also elaborate on ZDHC’s approach and tools to drive the transition and uptake of safer and more circular chemistry, as well as the current state and findings of circular implementation projects from the sector.

Another speaker is Dunja Drmac, sustainability officer of the European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX). Her presentation will enlighten participants on resource sustainability and relevant strategies in the journey towards a circular economy.

In addition to the forums, other knowledge sharing activities include the ITMA Innovation Lab. An important element of the lab is the ITMA Speakers Platform, where all ITMA exhibitors have been invited to participate. The platform will be complemented by a video showcase. A new highlight, the ITMA Innovation Video Showcase will provide a new channel for visitors to learn more about innovative exhibits at ITMA 2019.