Textile manufacturer ISKO has launched the fifth generation of its Arquas collection which is said to combine the company’s expertise in woven technologies with the functional properties expected of high performance sportswear and activewear.

Showcased at recent Performance Days trade fair, the Arquas fabric collection has been tipped to serve five key areas across the functional apparel markets, with the advanced textiles tailored for use in activewear, outerwear, golf apparel, horse riding apparel and finally hybrid applications; which integrate performance features from water repellency to windproofness.

Arquas 5.0 fabrics are said to handle like knitwear but boast benefits acquired through the use of woven technologies. As such, the range is said to provide greater durability, comfort and shape recovery for high performance applications. The company’s active fabrics are said to be suitable for all sporting applications whether high or low impact due to the technical constructions of the fabrics.

Outdoor fabrics are reportedly tailored to offer enhanced water repellency and breathability, while the hybrid selection offers greater versatility; combining comfort and durability with the aforementioned performance features. Fabrics tailored to both golf and horse riding apparel hone in on each respective craft to offer properties that do not come at the detriment of the wearer’s performance. In particular, the golf fabrics are said to optimise manoeuvrability through the use of ISKO’s patented woven technology, while the horse riding fabrics focus on the wearer’s comfort and fit.

The Arquas platform integrates a broad range of performance features into its fabric collection, including stain repellency, antibacterial and anti-odour characteristics. Selected fabrics in the range are also part of the company’s Earth Fit range, which is said to be the only fabric collection to bare the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo.