Invista has launched a new version of its popular Lycra T400 fibre. This has enhanced sustainability. Lycra T400 fibre with Eco Made technology is made from a combination of recycled materials, such as pet bottles diverted from landfills and renewable plant-based materials. It can be paired with sustainable rigid fibre offerings such as BCI cotton, Tencellyocell etc, so brands and retailers can amplify their eco-friendly message to consumers.

This innovation will appeal to members of the apparel value chain interested in developing more sustainable denim and woven collections. The original Lycra T400 fibre is the building block for a number of the brand’s popular stretch denim concepts including Lycra dualFX, Lycra Xfit and Lycra Tough Max technologies. Lycra T400 Eco Made fibre has been developed to offer the same benefits of lasting comfort, fit and performance as the original, but with the value-added offer of sustainability.

INVISTA owns brand Lycra which is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibres. INVISTA has done a study on bi-stretch that can help brands and retailers choose the best bi-stretch fabrics for their particular needs. This new tool can help guide fabric selection by illustrating the relative merits of different ways of achieving bi-stretch denim.