Intelligent Clothings has unveiled a line of ecological products and multifunctional 10 in 1 garment, aimed for travel, minimalism and simplifying existence. The project will soon be on Kickstarter. The garment is one apparel with multiple uses. It can be worn over the shoulder, transformed into a hooded sweatshirt, and can be turned into a shirt.

What makes this garment a unique idea is that it presents one apparel that delivers multiple possibilities. The garment can be stored and worn over the shoulder. It can also be transformed into a hooded sweatshirt, and the collar can be added to the sweater thereby turning it into a shirt.

Such multiple possibilities are needed in today’s garment because of the need to save the planet from the overconsumption of resources. With this cloth, less washing and care is needed. The garment has a powerful magnet that is safe and doesn’t contain nickel element. The magnet is permanent, has over 20 years of estimated life, and doesn’t release security gantry. Material used in making the cloth is safe and doesn’t cause any irritation or allergies.

Intelligent Clothings garment is machine washable, highly functional, and blends with today’s hippy, fast, and exciting lifestyle. It’s the perfect product for travellers and adventurers who require apparel with several functionalities.