Harapan Kurnia, Indonesia’s leading textile firm, producing environmentally friendly high quality fabrics, has installed its sixth Bruckner stenter. The company’s goal is to be a leader in textile business by developing fashionable products. Bruckner is a producer of high-tech lines for the dry finishing of knitted and woven fabrics, based in Germany.

Harapan Kurnia produces medium to high-end fashion wear, swim and sportswear, as well as ladies and menswear for the local market and for export. 95 per cent of their products are knitwear and the rest is woven fabric. The articles are made of cotton, cellulose, and blended material with up to 35 per cent spandex content, according to Bruckner.

The Indonesian company has five Brückner machines in two separate locations and is very satisfied with the good machine quality, the accurate automatisation, the accurate control system, and the optimised heat recovery system. Another point is the good after sales support. They are convinced of the advantages of the Brückner stenters compared to machines with lower investment from other producers. Harapan Kurnia indicates the better machine setting, the better quality, and the good support as decisive points for their decision to buy their sixth Brückner machine. With Brückner as their partner, Harapan Kurnia aims for continuous product developments for the high-end export markets and wants to keep their position as one of market leader for high-quality knitted fabric in Indonesia.