TheAnalyst Limited is the IT enabled Corporate Management Service Provider with the business of selling, installing and implementing of ‘Data Driven Integrated Business Process Management System and Solutions’ in the context of today’s world much talked & desired ERP-EPM-BI by SaaS (Software as a Service) structured & super-structured by Information & Communication Technology(ICT) to account for the Business to deliver Performance of the Business since its inception July 2004 forming a limited company on October 2012.

In carrying out its Business TheAnalyst is focused on the Industry ‘Textiles & Apparels’ finding out its requirements for ERP-EPM-BI. In quest of this requirements TheAnalyst having 14 years + hands on experience in the industry have found the most appropriate industry specific ERP System & Solutions DATATEX as an Ideal one for Textile & Apparels Industry ‘Fibre to Garments’ Supply Chain Management. DATATEX ERP Systems and Solutions has addressed characteristically all the features of Textile & Apparels Industry assuring of its real time performance to manage the industry by an Integrated & Composite Conglomerate.

World renowned industry specific European ERP System and Solutions maker ‘DATATEX’ having 400+ installations worldwide is ideally & successfully operated globally to deliver performance of the business assuring of ideal supply chain management system in work in real time for textile & apparels industry ‘Fibre to Garments’ within the Enterprise to integrate all business processes ‘Sample Room to Board Room’ for establishment of full pledged automated Data Driven Business Process Management to deliver enterprise performance.

An Ideal ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) System and Solution ‘DATATEX’ for apparels & textiles industry is featured & addressed all the requirements systematically & logically as are defined below:

User definable master files, Secondary Keys, User definable product type and key structures, Management of Collections, Different units of measure for the same product, Availability maintained perpetually with 3 balances, Multiple quantity levels without changing the products’ code, Size/colour matrix order entry, Printing designs / variants, Weaving Patterns & colour ways, Multiple yarn count systems, Dyeing / printing / finishing / coating recipes, Recipe within recipe, Different products in the same process lot, Waste & re-processing calculation, Lot, batch, container, A-frame, piece, roll, carton, box & pallet, Calculation of material requirements by production step, Calculation of material requirements by package size, Shrinkage / Elongation for each production step, Process flow philosophy, Process flow per production order, Management of exclusivity, Order type accommodates ‘Color/finish later’, Multiple delivery dates with different locations for each order line, User definable specification lists, Open orders (partial codes) & assortments, Sample & cutting lists, Fabric inspection & cut optimization, Net, gross and conditioned weights.

Providing complete system & solutions for entire Textile & Apparels Supply Chain Management within the enterprise in real time with a set of Target to achieve for the audience of ERP Operators and Users of the system as an User Friendly System:

• The system must adapt to the industry people’s requirements without programme modification
• Any data once inserted, must be available across the entire system
• Any item movement updates the item availability in real-time
• All users work in an integrated on-line system
• The system must support multi-company business units, sales divisions, sites & warehouses
• The system must be universal units of measure, languages & currencies

Making available the Solution Advantages:-

• Portability – platform independence
• Web-based
• Homogeneous for both internal (intranet) & external (Internet / extranet) networks
• Multi-device (monitor, palm, mobile phone, etc.)
• Multimedia
• Process / data customization by user through the ‘Template’ & ‘Policy’ settings
• User interface personalization through the user interface tool
• Fast development of policies & new fully integrated classes using ABSolution