The Swiss textile innovator HeiQ launches HeiQ Fresh FFL (Fresh For Long), a 100 per cent bio-based odour control technology. The product targets the sportswear and intimate segment, with application especially suitable for seamless garments made of synthetics that are prone to permastink. Visitors at ISPO Munich got a first sniff of the technology at HeiQ’s booth held recently.

The funky founding story keeps the Swiss high-tech company busy in adding more solutions to its broad odour control product range. Apart from the founding silver product that is today used worldwide in more than 500 mn garments by over 100 major active wear brands, and the recently launched volatile odour source sequestering technologies HeiQ Fresh NKU and HeiQ Fresh AGOS, HeiQ continues to redefine freshness for textile by introducing the world’s first bio-based, non-antimicrobial, non-silver-based textile odour control technology – HeiQ Fresh FFL, which is based on a biopolymer derived from 100 per cent renewable source. This wash-resistant, biodegradable textile finishing stops bad smell before it emerges on textile.

HeiQ Fresh FFL is a non-antimicrobial alternative to traditional odor control in textiles. This sustainable, fully biomass-derived Amino-Sugar-Polymer functions by binding proteins and other sweat components that can cause odor. The HeiQ Fresh FFL biopolymer supports ready removal of these sweat components during home laundering. As a non-antimicrobial solution to odour control the regulatory obligations normally associated with biocides are of no relevance when applying HeiQ Fresh FFL on garments and other textile products.

“Odour control efficacy is maximized with the correct technology-fibre match, as well as the right application of the technology in the textile finishing process. While most odour-control textile finishing target polyester, the application is often limited to padding, which is not utilised for textiles that seamless garments are made of. HeiQ Fresh FFL can be used on both cellulosic and synthetic fibres. The flexibility of application of HeiQ Fresh FFL – can be done through either exhaust or padding – means that brands can apply it freely on different fibre and product design, including seamless garments,” says Ralf Mundinger, HeiQ’s Head of Technology Application, “We see this as a clear advantage for our brand partners in thesportswear and intimate segment.”

Participants in a multi-day wear trial confirmed that the odour control efficacy of HeiQ Fresh FFL is much better than the best silver antimicrobial textile finishing on the market (control). HeiQ Fresh FFL was also tested under the newly developed “HeiQ 72-hour Tennis Bag challenge” test protocol, in which HeiQ Fresh FFL-treated, control and untreated fabrics infused with artificial sweat are placed into a red Wilson® Federer DNA tennis bag in a climate chamber at 30°C (86°C) and 40°C (104°F), followed by an olfactometric evaluation. In addition to the many ISO laboratory standard tests offered, HeiQ wanted to have a “hard hitting” test and suggests olfactometric evaluation, encouraging brands to “listen to your own nose”, to complement standard laboratory tests in predicting the physiological experience of the human nose, and give a comprehensive evaluation on the “real life” odour control efficacy of the technology.

HeiQ welcomed all visitors to learn more about the product, not only by asking and listening, but actually using their own noses in sniffing the differences between HeiQ Fresh FFL and other odour control finishing. HeiQ Fresh FFL is also ready for any wear trial applications shall anyone wish to prove the odour control performance in the field.