Following the success received from the Indian apparel sector, ERP software solutions developer, Global Softwares now plans to launch its apparel industry production and management ERP software – FiberPro and planning tool application – Commando in Bangladesh, for which it is seeking Bangladeshi channel partners. The company is a specialist in developing ‘All-in-One’ ERP system for small and medium sized industries.

The software is designed as a supporting tool for direct end users, which eliminates need for having additional data entry operators for doing activities like order receipts, costing, bills of material, yarn to fabric, trims, production floor, planning, integrated accounts, logistics etc. Additionally, it also offers facilities like budget input for BOM, approval by the next level authority, blocking the BOM and budget, preparation of forms for PO, DC and GRN by the concerned departments as per BOM and budgets. Over and above it is possible to control costs as transactions can be done only as per BOM and approved budget, ensuring no extra goods are received, thereby which, inward processing of bills of these extra goods is avoided.

Shortages and special processes are carried out only after approval by the concerned authority. It also generates reports like stock statement of yarn, fabric, trims and pieces, status of an order/style, vendor stock statement, statement on budget versus actual, order completion report, order transaction history etc. In the scenario of ‘Make to Order’ within the apparel industry, every order is time bound, in which numbers of operations are divided and the target is fixed, in order to make timely shipments. This practice is called ‘What and When’ in the time and action calendar.

Through Commando, a planning tool, Global Softwares introduced a new concept by adding ‘Whom’ to ‘What & When’ to now call it ‘What, When and Whom’. The ‘Whom’ ensures that individuals are scheduled and fixed with targets to complete their day to day activities and operations on time.

In the Commando software, planning can be made within a minute and assignments are scheduled and intimated to the concerned individuals like merchandisers, fabric managers, purchase heads, stores etc. through messages.

Each individual is able to view their day-to-day assignments also through Commando mobile application. Operational dues like dues, manageable dues, and critical dues are given a different colour coding so that lower level of management like managers, heads, in-charges, etc., can monitor manageable dues, while critical level dues can be escalated to the top-level management.

In addition, application is supported with messages and emails to look into their day to day assignments. Since Commando is integrated with FiberPro, the material accountability like program balance, party stock statement, order progress with colour indications for on dues/manageable dues/critical dues can be viewed. Drill down is enabled to view the quantitative information also.