Four international tradeshows with participation of nearly 510 companies from more than 24 countries spread over 10 halls showcased latest in apparel manufacturing technology, yarn and fabrics and garment accessories and packaging, printing technology and machinery under-one-roof for the benefit of RMG sector of Bangladesh.

Zakaria Trade & Fair International, ASK Trade & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd and the BGAPMEA organised the 18th edition of GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2019 – International Apparel Machinery & Allied Products Tradeshow, 10th edition of International Yarn & Fabrics Sourcing Fair, 10th edition of GAP Expo-2019 International Garment Accessories, Packaging Show and 2nd edition of Bangladesh Printing & Packaging International Expo, Printing for Packaging Machinery & Technology Expo together from January 17-20, 2019 at International Convention Centre Bashundhara, Dhaka.

The shows were inaugurated by Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun as the Chief Guest. BGMEA President Md. Siddiqur Rahman, FBCCI President Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin, President of the Exporters Association of Bangladesh (EAB) Abdus Salam Murshedy, MP, were also present at the inaugural session.

According to Kader Khan, President of the BGAPMEA, this fair contributes a lot in attaining the capacity of the country’s readymade garment industry achieve the target of fetching $50 bn from exports of apparel products annually by the year 2021. Khan said, accessories and packaging manufacturers for garments products are playing a vital role in advancing the country’s single largest foreign currency earning RMG sector.

“As the RMG sector is on fast track to reach the target of $50 bn of exports by 2021, productivity, safety, compliance, efficiency, value addition, product diversification, fabric sourcing and packaging solutions are the challenges the RMG sector is confronted with and there needs to be a concerted effort to improve investment in technology and infrastructure,” said Tipu Sultan Bhuyian, CEO, Zakaria Trade & Fair International.

“Increasing factory efficiency and adopting practices that allow for the manufacturing of smaller production runs without significantly increasing costs are areas that need to be explored in depth, and the necessary investment support needs to be made available,” he added. With concerted efforts to reduce lead-times, this will greatly enhance the appeal of Bangladesh to higher end labels.

GARMENTECH Bangladesh 2019 with four concurrent sourcing shows related to machinery, yarn & fabrics, garment accessories, packaging and printing packaging technology & machinery under one roof is positioned as a complete sourcing forum for all stake holders in the RMG sector, Tipu Sultan Bhuyian added.

As per the organizers, record, 17,451 visitors attended the shows. This year, companies from 24 countries including Bangladesh, India, Sri Lankan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, France, the USA and Turkey participated in the fair displaying garment accessories and packaging items with machinery.

Exhibitors’ comments…

Ben Ho Ngai Shing Development Limited

We are a manufacturer of garment machines and develop a series of machines for menswear automation. We are working with our agents for last 30 years in Bangladesh. Last year business wise worldwide situation was not stable. But I think development is good in Bangladesh compared to other places. We hope the country will have bright future for garment industry.

The factories here are looking for automation as they are facing shortage of labour and wages are also going high. So, to keep the running cost down and fulfil the orders on time automation is the key. Hence, we had good footfall at our booth and expect to convert good business.


Johan Grieten Suzhou Handeli Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd

We are committed to independent research and development of garment automatic intelligent sewing unit, especially focusing on jeans and trousers, shirts and T-shirts, basically automatic sewing technology and equipment’s research and manufacturing. We are working in Bangladesh for last 14 years; we did very well and received large number of orders from this market in 2018.

In terms of business, we are expecting to grow 20-25 per cent more in 2019. We are participating in this exhibition for last 12 years, but this year footfall was lesser than previous editions. We expect more support for garment sector’s development from the newly elected govt. in Bangladesh.


Hafiz M. Rahmatullah Mondal Group

Our company was established in 2003 with an aim to support exporters in terms of backup i.e. by manufacturing all kinds of accessories as per foreign buyers’ requirements and set standards. In 2018, we got highest exporter awards gold medal. For 2019 we have already started our new biodegradable and recyclable packaging material and some other products which are new to this market.

We received good number of enquiries and orders at this show. This exhibition is mix of accessories, machines and yarns, so it will be good if exhibitors are sorted and segmented, those which makes easier for buyers to visit particular zone, in which they are interested in.


Dave, Zhejiang Maqi Sewing Co. Ltd.

We only produce industrial sewing machines. We are present in Bangladesh for more than 10 years. We met more customers here at Garmentech when compared to other shows we have participated earlier in. This year’s show is really successful. We received many orders from factories and agents visiting here.

Besides, there were many fruitful enquiries which will be converted into orders after the show. This year Bangladesh market is expected to do better than 2018 as last year industry had lots of issues, which are solved now. Due to increasing labour cost people are going for automation now.


Shamsul Alam (Jahangir), Juki Bangladesh Ltd

We are offering all kinds of sewing machines from manual to automated from Juki in Bangladesh for woven, knits and bottoms. Here we are mainly displaying automatic machines for bottoms, like pocket welting machine, chain stitch automatic loop attacher for denim and back pocket automatic attacher for jeans.

With these machines, customers can get high productivity with better quality of sewing. Lots of visitors visited our booth and have shown interested in our technologies. So, overall experience here is OK.



John Tan Choon Chuan Pegasus Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Pegasus has been the pioneer of many key developments in the field of overlock, safety chainstitch and interlock machinery. Our company is 105 years old and we are present in Bangladesh market for last 35-40 years. Response is really good at this show, good number of people attended who were eager to learn about new technologies and how are those better than competition, especially Chinese.

We have taken orders, and several positive enquiries are also there. Now, industry is focusing on automation and reducing down their manufacturing cost. Besides, all the industry concerns which were there in 2018 in Bangladesh have settled down, so we should see 2019 growing.


Nelson Jack Sewing Machine Co., Ltd

For last 14 years Jack is working in Bangladesh and offering sewing machines solution to the industry here. We have been participating in this exhibition since 2006. We performed very well in Bangladesh in last financial year and growing very fast here. In terms of global sales Jack surpassed all the sewing machines brands in world in 2018, and is a well-known brand in Bangladesh. We are focusing on sewing machine automation.

Our machines are at par with Japanese technologies operating in the market in terms of quality, and price wise we are cheaper than them. In next few years automation is going to be in demand so our focus will be on automatic labour saving sewing machines.


S.M. Fahim Sabri Cosmo Group

We are a garment accessories manufacturer which started its journey in 1997. Every year was fantastic as growth was continuous for our company. Like 2018, this year also we have introduced our new product lines like rubber batches, silicone batches, high density heat seams, so we are looking forward to be a one stop solution provider.

Compared to 2017- 18, 2018-19 was a growing year. Based on last years’ experience and orders received, we are expecting 2019-20 to be a wonderful year. Overall, experience at this show has been good. We received good enquiries and looking forward to attend them after the show.


Jimmy Zhang, Richpeace Ai Co., Limited

We are into this trade for more than 26 years and providing intelligent fully automatic garment production solution from CAD to spreading and cutting machines, embroidery machines, computerised quilting machine and also intelligent control systems. For last 20 years we are selling our machines in Bangladesh market and last year we even set our own service centre here.

We usually attend this exhibition every year. The show is less crowded when compared to another exhibition that took place in Bangladesh recently where also we participated. Still, the show is not that bad as we received few very good enquiries and orders.


Sukanta Debnath, Index Accessories Ltd

We are doing business since 2005, and are growing in every part of the backward linkages of garment industry. Now we are doing woven main labels, hand tags, tags, all other kind of narrow fabrics leather patches, sewing threads, and several other kinds of accessories. We grew by 40 per cent in 2017-18, hence are expecting to do better this year.

We are participating in this show for last eight years. There are a lot of foreign and local customers visiting us here. If the organisers invite more international buyers here then it will be really good for us.


Md. Rawshan Ali (Shaheen) Eastman – C.R.A. (Hong Kong) Ltd

Eastman is a world renowned company for cutting room automation. Cutting room in garment factory requires lots of manpower so by going for Eastman you can improve work efficiency, reduce manpower usage & time and increase productivity. Exhibition is good, customers are coming with an aim to reduce their cost.

Recently, labour charges have increased due to which garment manufacturers are trying to go for automation. We have received a lot of enquiries and will see how it materialises after the show. Business wise, first half of last year was slow but in last four months we got good orders, and overall future looks very positive.


Md. Mayen Hohenstein Laboratories Bangladesh Limited

We are providing services for textile testing including all kinds of chemical testing along with inspection and certification. Our main focus is to improve quality and safety of garments through our tests and certifications. Reduce your liability risk and the probability of complaints with documented tests and standards. We are also providing Oeko-Tex 100 certification and others.

We are attending this exhibition for last two-three years. Experience here has been good. The show is very good, positive for our market because customers can see and feel the things like the source of the textile supply chain at one platform. This is also an opportunity for us to meet the customers. Overall, we got many enquiries and we are interesting in participating in next exhibition also.

Akram H. Bhuyan Prime Asia Ltd

We are a complete garment machinery solution provider in Bangladesh. We are providing total cutting room automation solution from Gerber, ETON hanging system and many more. We are also offering Nexia washing machines from Italy, which is really good for industry. Business wise, last year was good for us.

In my opinion the year 2019-20 will be good for all textile manufacturers in Bangladesh. We are participating in this show for first time and got good response here and received some good enquiries.


Md. Monir Chowdhury Assurance Techno Solution

We offer high quality embroidery machines from China. We offer good quality machines which are comparable with any other Korean and Japanese machine in the market. We are trying to develop garment sector with embroidery work. For last 10 years we are representing Maya brand embroidery machines from China and for the first time are participating in this exhibition.

There were a lot of visitors who visited and witnessed live demo of our machines. We received orders for two machines and will be meeting a lot of customers after the show as they want to finalise their orders.


Faishal Mohammad Adnan Automac Technology

We started in 2005 in Shanghai our head office and have factory located in Guangzhou. We came to Bangladesh five years ago and since 2013 we have our office here. We are a CAD/CAM manufacturing company. Our goal is to make more efficient cutting rooms in Bangladesh industry.

My team has more than 15 years’ experience in cutting room automation. This is our second Garmentech exhibition, we had huge crowd which came with specific reason i.e. to see and buy automation, which is a positive sign.



J.P. Roy PB Holotech (I) Pvt Ltd.

Ours is an 18 year old company but we entered garment trade 8- 10 years back. We are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an unbeatable range of Holograms & Labels to our valuable patrons. These products are designed and developed by a team of skilled engineers following quality guidelines of the international standard. Our company makes sequential labels and stickers, which are must for all the garment manufacturers. So, that is our main focus and ofcourse to make more dealers and distributors in Bangladesh. We don’t collect orders and are here to display our products and meet people. Overall, we had a mediocre experience as we expected a lot more crowd alike last year and last-to-last year. We expect 2019-20 to be a good year for apparel and textile industry as a whole in Bangladesh.

R Bala Subramaniam Innowell Group

We are a textile consulting company catering to Bangladesh for more than 10 years. Ours is an Indian company having offices in Dubai, Dhaka and various places in India. We have completed more than 25 projects in Bangladesh till now. It’s been wonderful year for us here, even in January we received two platinum certificate programmes.

This is my first time attending Garmentech in Bangladesh. The show is really good; we met a lot new clients from various sectors here. So, we are hopeful that this year we will generate more orders here.


R Mohan Kumar Cheran Machines India Pvt Ltd

Our company is one of the leaders among manufacturers and exporters of high performance textile/ garment printing machinery for various requirements. Especially, nowadays we are developing in digital textile printing industry and also offering sublimation, pigment printing machines etc.

20 years ago we started doing business in Bangladesh but unfortunately we didn’t have a right partner here and were not active in this market for 7- 8 years. Now, we have very good partner i.e. NAF Group in Bangladesh. We got good response at this show, as we had potential customers visiting our stall.


Raihan Uddin Khan, Hikari

We are very popular for overlock intelligent high speed sewing machine. This is the most popular machine in our range and we have almost all the machinery needed for the production base. We started our business 20 years ago and are operating in Bangladesh for last 8 years. Our company’s performance was very good here last year.

In 2019 we are planning to bring more new innovations for the garment industry here. This exhibition is very fruitful for us as so many visitors are coming to our booth. Our machines were very much appreciated by garment factory owners.


Md. Mostafa Kamal, Zoje Bangladesh Ltd

For last 8 years, we are making all kinds of garment solution like overlock machines, sewing machines, quilting machines, and also for denims we are offering technologies from IMB brand. We are successfully operating in Bangladesh and getting good response from industry. At this show, so many people visited us to whom we presented our latest technologies.

Having such shows is very important for garment industry in Bangladesh to upgrade itself as so many brands together are showcasing their innovations which could be compared by the customers. We have received few very good orders here.


Sarder Elias Hossian Three Star Group

We are representing the Gemsy brand sewing machines from China. We are into this business for last eight years. Business wise we did average in 2018 but hopefully we will do better in 2019. Our brand comes under Shang Gong Group and we are offering latest computerised sewing technologies. Now, new govt., has been elected in Bangladesh so we expect this year to be better than 2017-18 for apparel & textile industry and also for our company as a whole.

The show is OK, but number of customers visiting has reduced this year. We expect the industry to go for more computerised and automated technologies in coming year to face the challenges in the world market.

Sheikh Md. Khobir Uddin RSS Thread & Accessories Ltd.

At this exhibition, we are focusing on garment accessories with the newest technology, according to clients demand and introducing them in the market. Under one shed of RSS Thread and Accessories, we are capable of providing different types of quality products within short period of time after receiving orders. Our two main focuses are labels and some finishing goods in this show.

In 2018, our turnover was 700 mn BDT and we are expecting growth in 2019. Due to some problems, this sector is not as flourished as expected. We are expecting more government support for this sector through tax incentive, easier customs facility, industrial plot, ease in investment & expansion and lower interest investment loan etc.

Shanthi, Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipments Pvt Ltd

We are a sixty year old company based in Bangalore India; we make laundry solutions and finishing equipment for garment industry. Apart from this, we also do storage and other facilities. We have brought in all our latest technologies at this show and are trying to see what the market can take out of these. Response at the show is good, but it could have been better.

The fairs are happening back to back so people are witnessing the latest technologies but across the counter nobody is placing any order. Our aim is to support the apparel industry here in a very big way. At this show, we have received so many positive enquiries.