PEFC, the sustainable forestry NGO will host an event on the 22 May at Techspace Shoreditch, London where delegates will hear from experts at Lenzing, Textile Exchange and other about the latest best available technology for producing textiles from wood and how to source these fibres in a more transparent way.

Also on the agenda will be PEFC’s ‘Forests for Fashion’ initiative and its partnership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion. Forest for Fashion aims to ‘link’ forest-based materials such as viscose and lyocell from sustainably managed forests with the world of fashion.

Industry specialists at the PEFC event later this month in London will discuss new technical developments that allow wood-based fibres to contribute to the advancement of sustainability in textiles. With speakers focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how these relate to the challenges posed to the ‘Forests for Fashion’ initiative from a social, economic and environmental concern.

Today, PEFC estimates that seven per cent of textiles are produced from wood-based cellulosic fibres, which although this represents some market growth is projected to grow at a rate of 30 per cent share of the global fibre basket by the year 2023, according to the Global Fashion Agenda.

The event aims to show brands and retailers to “establish a more sustainable business models, helping reduce their environmental impacts.”

The event will be moderated by Tamsin Lejeune, founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum – now named the Common Objective who was recognised for her efforts on sustainability by being named most engaged woman in the UK Fashion and Retail in 2015 by LinkedIn.