The development of a new industry tool called CircularID, which could greatly improve transparency and communication throughout fashion supply chains, was recently backed by H&M, Target, PVH Corp, Microsoft and several other sustainable fashion organisations ahead of its launch in November. The tool has been designed to help re-commerce companies scale.

CircularID, a product traceability platform that collates relevant garment-specific data, including materials, origin, price, style and recycling instructions, has been designed keeping in view the broader ambitions of the fashion industry to adopt circular business practices and inspire new business models that let fashion brands participate in the resale of goods.

Efforts in near future will look to refine this data to encourage compliant brands and manufacturers to produce more durable clothing that will represent a shift away from fast fashion, according to reports in leading world fashion media outlets.

Like a food nutrition label, CircularID will provide a unique digital identity that lives with an individual garment throughout its life cycle. The technology would allow garments to be “checked in” and authenticated at a reseller or recycling facility, and easily transferred between owners.